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[133] The 15 tanks that contained about 84% of the fuel in the vessel were emptied first and expected to take about 28 days. [248], The Italian Marine Casualty Investigation Central Board (Commissione centrale di indagine sui sinistri marittimi, CCISM),[249][250] a unit of the Corps of the Port Captaincies – Coast Guard, conducts the technical investigations of maritime accidents and incidents within Italian-controlled waters. According to Costa Cruises, its internal regulations require all crew members to complete Basic Safety Training, and to perform a ship evacuation drill every two weeks. [citation needed] Once in port, the ship would be dismantled and the materials sold as scrap. [160] On the morning of 12 March, defuelling operations resumed[161] and were completed on 24 March. On the night of 13 January 2012, during a seven-day cruise, Costa Concordia with 4,229 people onboard, was sailing from Civitavecchia, Italy, to Savona, when she deviated from her planned route at the Isola del Giglio. After grounding, passengers and crew were taken ashore from the ship by lifeboats and helicopters or swam to the island. As the Concordia approached Giglio Island several hours later, it deviated from its standard course, moving closer to the small Tuscan island for a maritime “salute,” a common practice that included the cruise ship sounding its horn; the Concordia had performed several in the past. Carnival Corporation later increased the estimated financial impact in fiscal year 2012 to include a reduction in net income of $85 million to $95 million, an estimated insurance excess of an additional $40 million, and $30–40 million in "other incident related costs". Launched: 2005 [317] Every week, all the lifeboats on one side of the ship are launched for a test. [80][81], At 01:04, an Air Force officer who was lowered on board by helicopter reported that there were still 100 people on board. [286] On 23 January 2012, UNESCO asked Italy to reroute cruise ships to avoid sailing too close to "culturally and ecologically important areas",[101] and on 1 March, Italy excluded large ships from sailing closer than two miles from marine parks. Le bilan définitif fait état de 32 morts. During the 19-month trial, prosecutors claimed that he was an “idiot,” while Schettino countered that his actions had saved lives and that he was being scapegoated. [42] Previously, on 14 August 2011, the ship took a similar sail-past route, but not as close to Le Scole. Très vite après la catastrophe, le capitaine du navire, Francesco Schettino, est vivement décrié dans la majorité des médias nationaux et internationaux, avant même que son procès ne débute. ", Commandant Gregorio De Falco. Many live offshore in a floating dormitory called the Discovery, but they all make their way to the island on a regular basis. The magistrate in charge of the inquiry remarked, "This is new to us — I've just seen it for the first time. Camping, Around 500 meters away from the harbour of Giglio Porto the Costa Concordia hit the rocks Scogli delle Scole, Passage of the Costa Concrodia in front o fthe bay of Arenella after a "inchino" at Giglio Porto (July 10th, 2008), The "famous" phone call between the commander of the Costa Concordia, Schettino, and the Port Authority of Livorno. However, the last body was not recovered until November 2014. Devant l’affluence de ces « touristes d’un jour », la commune a décidé d’instaurer depuis juillet 2012 une taxe de débarquement d’un euro par personne. [149] One-third of the passengers have acquiesced to the €11,000 compensation. Les avocats estiment que la compagnie aurait forcé les concepteurs du navire à maximiser le profit au détriment de la sécurité. maritime disaster, off the coast of Giglio Island, Mediterranean Sea [2012]. The port side of the ship struck a reef at 21:42 or 21:45 local time. Commandant Francesco Schettino. ", Commandant Francesco Schettino. Il y a une échelle (de secours en corde) et vous montez à bord. [p 3], Costa also promised return of all property stored in cabin safes, to the extent recoverable, and to grant passengers access to a programme for "psychological assistance". "Je suis là pour coordonner les secours. [110], On 15 January 2013, the final two bodies were thought to have been located (those of a female passenger and a male crew member), but they reportedly could not be recovered, because their location near the stern made their recovery inaccessible until the ship could be rotated. Commandant Francesco Schettino. "[70] A third engineer officer from the ship's engine room also pointed out that "Unlike the captain, we were there until the end. Le directeur de Costa Croisières a, lui, affirmé qu'il aurait trompé la compagnie en cherchant à dissimuler l'ampleur des problèmes à bord le soir du drame, - avec des annonces par haut-parleurs expliquant que ce n'était qu'une panne d'électricité - pour calmer la peur des passagers[49]. En juillet 2012, 80 000 passagers ont débarqué sur place, rapportant 80 000 € aux caisses municipales du Giglio[80]. [citation needed] Booking volume for Carnival's fleet, excluding Costa, in the 12 post-accident days was down by "the mid-teens" as a percentage of year-earlier bookings. [112][113][114] On 8 October 2013, the family of missing crew member Russel Rebello was informed that a body believed to be his was found near the third deck at the stern of the ship. Le navire se trouve à 150 mètres des rochers (le Scole). [126], Authorities banned all private boats from Giglio Porto and excluded them from a one-nautical-mile (1,852 m) non-navigation zone around the ship. Maintenant vous allez avec votre chaloupe sous la proue du navire du côté droit. Allez à bord, bordel de merde.". [83] One of the missing crewmen, a waiter, was last seen helping passengers. [204][205] This project is also known as phase WP9. ", Commandant Francesco Schettino. [103] The offloading process required fixing valves to the underwater fuel tanks, one on top, one on the bottom. They spend their time in simulated control rooms behind computer screens, working out every potential obstacle in tipping the massive cruise liner, which ran aground off the island in January 2012, to an upright position. Mais la structure du navire risque d'être « très atteinte ». Crew: 1.100 We did all we could to avoid catastrophe. [13][201], On 27 July 2014, Costa Concordia arrived in Genoa where it was moored against a wharf that had been specially prepared to receive the vessel for dismantling. 22 h 34 : La capitainerie de Livourne rappelle le Concordia et demande si le navire peut encore naviguer ou s'il faut déclarer une situation d'urgence. Est ensuite critiqué, après celui du capitaine, le comportement de l'équipage qui aurait déserté son poste en abandonnant les passagers à leur sort[24], ou pas su faire descendre les canots de sauvetage[25], ce qui est régulièrement réfuté[26]. Le dialogue, aux accents parfois surréalistes, entre le commandant Schettino et le responsable des garde-côtes de Livourne, le commandant De Falco fait le tour des medias et des réseaux sociaux. Tugboats tow the wreck of the Costa Concordia as it leaves Italy's Giglio Island on Wednesday, July 23. [298], Coverage of the shipwreck dominated international media in the days after the disaster. 23,2 knots (43 km/h) 23,2 knots (43 km/h) The Concordia is towed into the port of Genoa on July 27. Dans la nuit du 16 au 17 janvier, un septième corps est repéré. [266] A 2015 report indicated that the ship had been carrying a large amount of mafia-owned cocaine when it sank, although senior officers were likely not aware it was on board. During this time, a panicked passenger contacted her daughter in Italy, and the Italian coast guard called the Concordia at about 10:14 pm. Others sling their red inflatable Titan-Micoperi life vests over their shoulders or dangle them on the barstools. "Everything must go," he says. [64] The next day, the survivors were transported to Porto Santo Stefano, where the first center for coordination and assistance was established. Giglio still has the feel of a small town. At least that's the way it used to be before the Costa Concordia ran aground off Giglio on January 13, 2012, killing 32 passengers and injuring dozens more. [309] It has also been used on Twitter and Facebook. Tout de suite.". [14] The port side of the ship struck a reef[15] at 21:42 or 21:45 local time. A man works in front of the shipwreck on January 12, 2013. 21 likes. Il se trouve à environ 4,8 milles au sud de l'île du Giglio. We cannot guarantee that it has not been compromised already. Les pompiers, qui passent toute la nuit du 15 au 16 janvier à la recherche des disparus, retrouvent à bord du navire le corps d'un passager portant son gilet de sauvetage. [167] Six bids were submitted in early March[168] and the proposed removal plans were assessed jointly with the Civil Protection Scientific Committee. [69][70][232] Other nationalities include 170 Indonesians,[233] 12 British nationals,[citation needed] 6 Brazilians,[211][234] 3 Russians,[235] and an unspecified number of Colombian, Peruvian, Spanish, Honduran and Chinese. [118][119][120] Additional bone fragments of unknown identity were found in the wreck a few days after the body was found. 21 h 34 min 16 s : Francesco Schettino annonce à l’officier de quart qu'il prend les commandes du navire et demande de passer la barre en mode manuel. "They offer far more good than harm.". He is on trial on charges of manslaughter, causing a maritime disaster and abandoning ship with passengers still on board. The reef is charted as an area known as Le Scole, about 800 metres (870 yd) south of the entrance to the harbour of Giglio Porto, on th…, BBC News - Europe - Costa Concordia: What happened. [271] On 19 January 2012, all the data storage devices from the ship's control panel, including hard disks, were recovered. [63], On 3 March 2012, in Grosseto, judges began a hearing open to all survivors, other "injured parties", and their lawyers, but closed to the general public and media. ». The hull was slashed over almost 70 meters, it hit licked and went down with a slope of 65 degrees a few hours later. "[132] Environment Minister Corrado Clini told the Parliament of Italy that the amount of diesel fuel and lubricating oil on board Costa Concordia was about the cargo of a small oil tanker. As part of the recovery effort a group of about 200 giant fan mussels Pinna nobilis were manually relocated to a nearby area due to the threat posed by subsequent engineering work. However, the wind and the stuck position of the rudder caused the Concordia to turn back toward the island. Parmi elles, deux touristes français et un membre d'équipage péruvien se noient[4]. [249] The board said that the investigation was delayed because the Italian prosecuting team had seized important information, including the voyage recorder. ", "Poteva salvarli tutti ma ha dato l'allarme quando era tardi", "Italy disaster ship crew fought to save passengers", "No. Le Costa Concordia dérive à une vitesse d'environ 1 nœud en direction du sud-ouest. [90] The divers were from the Italian Navy, Coast Guard, and Vigili del Fuoco (fire and rescue service). Passengers: 3.780 [138] ISPRA's Oceanographic Ship Astrea arrived in Tuscany on 29 January to conduct environmental investigations. Ele foi declarado uma perda total e foi levantado do mar em julho de 2014, sendo subsequentemente rebocado até Gênova e desmontado. ", Commandant Francesco Schettino. A scant few of the new Giglese, as the island's inhabitants are called, are pale engineers, who, despite being on a sunny island for more than a year, still haven't managed a tan. The Concordia was known for its luxuries. Cranes and floating decks surrounding the ship light up the dusk sky on January 9, 2013. Il Messaggero said there was "anguish over those still missing". [276], In a separate trial for manslaughter and causing the loss of the ship, Captain Francesco Schettino sought a plea bargain agreement. Costa Concordia Disaster On the evening of January 13, 2012, the Costa Concordia, which was to make a Mediterranean cruise from Civitavecchia via Savona, Marseille, Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca, Cagliari to Palermo, is shipwrecked off the port of Giglio Island. Maintenant c'est moi qui commande. "[265], On 19 February, the Associated Press reported that traces of cocaine had been found on Schettino's hair samples, "but not within the hair strands or in his urine—which would have indicated he had used the drug". Costa Cruises CEO Pier Luigi Foschi explained that the company's ships have computer-programmed routes and "alarms, both visual and sound, if the ship deviates by any reason from the stated route as stored in the computer and as controlled by the. Écoutez Schettino. "Cela fait une heure que vous me dites ça. [295] On 24 April, the CLIA and the ECC introduced new policies: bridge officers must agree on the route before departing; ships must carry more lifejackets; and access to the bridge must be limited. Terror at Sea: The Sinking of the Costa Concordia,[301] broadcast on 31 January 2012, explored how and why the ship went down. Some 10 minutes later the coast guard contacted the ship again, and at this time the crew admitted that the vessel was taking on water. Here, members of the U.S. company Titan Salvage and the Italian marine contractor Micoperi pass by the wreckage. Le WTC 8 abritait les ballasts et les pompes de cales. [60] No lifeboat passenger evacuation drill had taken place for the approximately 600 passengers who had just embarked. Tonnage: 114.137 tsl Several of the ship’s crew, notably Capt. "I know a lot of people on the team who socialize in town, but I am here to concentrate on this job.". Une étude technique de six propositions a été effectuée et le plan sélectionné doit s'étaler sur un an environ[71]. The shipping company Costa Crociere estimates the cost of salvage at around 1.5 billion euros, most of which will be assumed by the insurance. [276] When his trial resumed in October 2013, Domnica Cemortan (a 26-year-old Moldovan) admitted having been Schettino's lover and having been a non-paying passenger on the ship, after the prosecution alleged that her presence on the bridge "generated confusion and distraction for the captain". [305], Newspaper Corriere della Sera stated that Italy owed the world a "convincing explanation" for the wreck and called for harsh punishment of those found responsible. The wreckage of the Costa Concordia cruise ship sits near the harbor of Giglio on Tuesday, September 17, after a. Le cours de bourse de l'entreprise a également fortement baissé, ainsi que ses prévisions de résultats[76]. Selon une écoute téléphonique dévoilée par la police italienne, le capitaine aurait fait l'objet de pressions de la part d'un responsable de Costa Croisières pour longer de très près la côte[47],[50]. A true "floating temple of the sea", as defined by the Costa Crociera on its website, with almost 2000 square meters divided into two bridges of sport and well-being. The entities involved regularly published details of the activity. À cet instant, l'arrière bâbord du Costa Concordia heurte le Scole puis la bande son de la boite noire enregistre de fortes vibrations de la structure du navire ; une multitude d'alarmes signalent une voie d'eau et une grave avarie. The collision brought a deep 70-meter wound into the ship’s hull, eventually causing it to be overturned. Half of these were later found inside the ship, most of them deceased. [311], The mayor of Giglio, Sergio Ortelli, and Costa Cruises are in agreement that the large boulder to be removed from the side of the vessel should be suitably positioned on the island as a memorial to the 32 people who lost their lives. Mayor Ortelli has now said, "It's a very nice show to see, the ship all lit up when you see it from the land. At 6:17 am on January 14 search efforts were temporarily suspended, but the following day divers rescued three more from inside the Concordia. [28] Passengers were later advised to put on their life jackets. Military rescue workers approach the cruise liner on January 22, 2012. Vous allez à bord et vous nous dites combien il y a de gens. Island residents were concerned that the wreck would be an eyesore that turned away tourists, disabling the island's economy. A small boat passes by the wreckage on Tuesday, July 15. Le comportement de certains passagers est ensuite pointé du doigt : certains auraient emporté des équipements du navire pour les revendre sur eBay[30], tandis que d'autres passagers masculins sont accusés d'avoir méprisé l'adage « les femmes et les enfants d'abord » en poussant ceux-ci hors des canots pour prendre leur place[31] ; de plus, certains réclameraient un dédommagement beaucoup trop important par rapport au préjudice subi[32]. [citation needed] Final scrapping of the ship was completed in July 2017. Chatterton rend hommage à cet accident dans sa chanson « Côte Concorde » (traduction littérale en français du nom du bateau le Costa Concordia), extraite de leur premier album Ici le Jour (a tout enseveli), paru en 2015. "[8] On 16 September 2013, the parbuckle salvage of the ship began,[9] and by the early hours of 17 September, the ship was set upright on its underwater cradle. However, the companies performing the refloating operation denied finding any bodies. Le groupe français Feu! What happened that night is something Giglio will never forget and the rock will be a fitting memorial." [9], The operation to right the ship and free her from the rocks began on 16 September 2013, but started late due to bad weather. As it was found later, Captain Francesco Schettino ordered the ship to sail unacceptably close to the coast of Giglio as a "salute". Toutes ces actions combinées font que la gîte passe du côté bâbord au côté tribord. In addition, he noted the steering error by the helmsman, but a maritime expert testified that regardless of the mistake, the collision was unavoidable. Officier de bord : « non, négatif. "Montez à bord tous les deux. At the beginning of February 2012 works began on salvaging the Costa Concordia. "Not just the ship.". [88] The house arrest order included an "absolute prohibition against going away or communicating by any means with persons other than his cohabitants. They represented "the two souls of Italy", according to Aldo Grasso in Corriere della Sera. Rescue operations were suspended as the ship slowly sank farther into the sea. Matteo Di Mariuz, who runs the popular hangout, doesn't mind the new clientele. La compagnie Costa a elle affirmé que la boîte donnait une erreur de code, mais n'était pas en panne[42]. Francesco Schettino by the investigating judge and prosecutors: This page was last edited on 10 November 2020, at 16:29. [37] "I have to take responsibility for the fact that I made a judgment error. Nous avons une panne de courant à bord et nous vérifions la situation à bord. "I am here for a job," Walhout told CNN inside a simulated control room attached to the Bahama's Hotel next to Pasquotti's church. This allegation was denied by the crew, one of whom stated, "The crew members, whether Filipino or Colombians or Indians, tried to the best of our ability to help passengers survive the shipwreck. Écoutez : il y a des gens qui descendent par l'échelle de proue. Allez-y et appelez directement depuis le bateau. [169] The operation, one of the largest ever ventured,[8] was predicted to take from seven to ten months, depending on weather and sea conditions. [183] On 16 September 2013, the parbuckling of the ship began. In addition, a Spanish diver died during the salvage work in February 2014. In some ways everything has changed on Giglio, but a few things still remain exactly the same. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. or "Get on board, damn it!" Secondly, the incident highlighted the common practice of large cruise liners, sailing unacceptably close to the coast.

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