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For one thing, its banks are already stuffed full of bad loans and can ill-afford a permanent blow to profits. Crisi economica 2008 in Italia: riassunto CRISI DEL 2008: SINTESI Inoltre l’instabilità delle potenze vincitrici e sconfitte della Grande Guerra le aveva rese vulnerabili alla crisi e messe in ginocchio al primo crollo del mercato borsistico; allo scoppiare dell’attuale crisi, invece, gli Stati europei erano economicamente più stabili e pronti ad affrontare il problema. As we have only started to demonstrate in the first part of the chapter, though, if there is enough evidence to state that the recent rise of emigration – especially that undetected by Italian official data – was significantly composed of young people, there are no solid proofs that they bring the ‘brain’ too with them, as they are not necessarily skilled or they don’t necessarily end up working in highly-skilled sectors. The 2008 financial crisis timeline began in March 2008, when investors sold off their shares of investment bank Bear Stearns because it had too many of the toxic assets. people not in the labour force because they were too discouraged to look for jobs, but willing and available to work. [22], Though Berlusconi and Veltroni were in opposite parties, they allegedly represent such similar policies that they were dubbed "Veltrusconi". The Italian government’s decision to suspend mortgage payments for its quarantined citizens is a drastic step in the battle to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus, but commensurate with the predicament the country finds itself in. Provisions varied between economic incentives to return, welfare and pension schemes provided directly abroad, training and educational programs, Italian language schools abroad, and climaxed in 2000–2001 with the adoption of the legislation on external voting that allocated 18 dedicated seats for the external citizens in representation of 4 global electoral macro-districts (Tintori 2013: 140–143; Lafleur 2013: 78–87). It does not reward adequately the young and educated either, who are very often confined to unattractive careers, underpaid and underemployed. There are enough data to affirm that it is mostly the young to emigrate, as it is usually the case, but there is no solid evidence yet to assert that the majority are also highly-skilled or – educated. The election came after President Giorgio Napolitano dissolved Parliament on 6 February 2008, following the defeat of the government of Prime Minister Romano Prodi in a January 2008 Senate vote of confidence and the unsuccessful tentative appointment of Franco Marini with the aim to change the current electoral law. La Grande depressione e il new deal: riassunto dai principali avvenimenti, cause e conseguenze della crisi, che colpì l'economia mondiale nel 1929, fino ai programmi per la ripresa economica di Roosevelt, Storia contemporanea — In terms of policy response, the Italian State has historically displayed a high degree of activism in promoting tailor made measures for the citizens abroad and their descendants. Unemployment rates among those with a tertiary education were about 11.5 % of the young population (25–34 years old) in 2011, an even larger proportion than among those with secondary education (10.5 %) and not so smaller than the unemployment rate of those without education (14.8 %). Their profiles and qualifications vary extensively, but only a minority ends up working in the City or in highly skilled occupations. That assumes the quarantine lasts until the end of April and is then gradually lifted. In Italy, this kind of convergence takes place at a slower pace, in that a higher proportion of women in working age were inactive, mainly because of a lack of job opportunities and rewarding careers. Or do they treat Italy the way they treated Greece and insist there is no alternative to austerity? Enrico Giovannini, then minister of Labour in Letta’s government, commenting on these data, bitterly observed that the average poor human capital of most of the Italian young people made them simply unemployable, when it came to the demands of the international labour market.10. In A. Mammone, E. Giap Parini, & G. Veltri (Eds. Per un verso la crisi del debito sovrano è esplosa a causa della crisi economica strutturale, poichè è stata l'assenza di crescita economica a ingenerare dubbi nei mercati finanziari sulla capacità dell'Italia di far fronte all'elevato stock di debito pubblico, dall'altro verso le misure adottate per risolvere la crisi del debito sovrano hanno ulteriormente aggravato la crisi economica. On the other hand, comparative studies show that Italy does not export more graduates than other developed countries – in the EU, for example, Germany, France and the UK have higher percentages of graduates leaving the country – but has instead a problem of ‘brain circulation’, in that it is not able to attract significant numbers of educated foreigners (Franzoni et al. [19], Following the calling of the election, Veltroni stated his party will not make any alliance in either Chamber, choosing instead to run alone with its own platform, and challenged Berlusconi to do likewise with his Forza Italia party. Italians abroad are divided into four constituencies, which elect a total of twelve seats based on proportional representation. The autonomous region of Aosta Valley elects one deputy through a first-past-the-post system. The 2008 financial crisis had its origins in the housing market, for generations the symbolic cornerstone of American prosperity. President Napolitano summoned Bertinotti and Marini, the two speakers of the houses of the Italian parliament, acknowledging the end of the legislature, on 5 February 2008. Italy has steadily had a positive net migration since 1974, thus becoming a country of immigration. Therefore, AIRE figures are, on the one hand, very likely to underestimate the presence of Italian workers abroad, especially when their stay is temporary. The explanation in the mismatch of the two data, apart from possible differences in collecting them, lies also in the above-mentioned reason. (2013b). This means that nearly 80,000 Italians officially entered Switzerland with a status of permanent residents in the 7 years to 2013 compared to half that size in the previous 7 years. In particular, the chapter considers the questions of how current emigration intertwines with the recent labour market reforms, by which young people have access almost exclusively to insecure, highly-flexible, low-paid jobs and whether the hegemonic narrative focusing on the “brain drain” is consistent with the data on the human capital of those who have left and might leave. Finally, the region of Trentino-South Tyrol elects seven senators with a mixed-member proportional system: six senators are elected in six single-member constituencies, while the seventh is allocated to the most underrepresented list based on the regional votes. The programme, financed mainly through the European Social Fund, focuses exclusively on former residents of the region living abroad. Those who do find jobs are employed with largely precarious contracts. Poco prima, a Settembre, l'agenzia internazionale di valutazione dei rischi finanziari Standard & Poor's aveva abbassato il "rating" (la valutazione di affidabilità) sui titoli del debito pubblico italiano. In M. Collyer (Ed.). You are currently offline. Jack Allen-Reynolds, senior European economist at Capital Economics, thinks the economy will shrink by 1% in the first three months of the year and by a further 1.5% in the second quarter. Lo Stato per riuscire a vendere i propri titoli di debito può essere costretto ad alzare il tasso di interesse, tuttavia un tasso d'interesse troppo alto in presenza di una grande quantità di debito può minare la capacità dello Stato di far fronte al pagamento del debito. Tintori, G., & Colucci, M. (2015). [19], The Union of Christian and Centre Democrats was invited to support Berlusconi, but refused and decided to run on its own instead. Abstract Given that public opinion about a company's performance during a crisis is highly influenced by the way news media cover crisis events, studies that look at news media's choice of crisis issues, tones and frames are extremely valuable. Election results maps for the Chamber of Deputies (on the left) and for the Senate (on the right). It also creates a privileged bureaucratic channel for the Italian applicants in order to speed up their procedures, through a collaboration between the Italian consulates and the agency Italia Lavoro SpA, created in 1997 and controlled by the Ministry of the Economy. Since the 1990s, the Italian economy has been suffering from a long period of sluggish or no growth. The last months of 2008 witnessed what is being called the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of 1929-30. Partially, emigration of the young is due to the increased movements of people in a globally interconnected labour market. For a thorough discussion of past Italian emigrations – destinations, volumes, patterns (return or settlement) and political contexts – see (Tintori 2013). Economische crisis: . Ma i numeri dicono esattament…, Le operazioni di mercato della BCE per la gestione dei tassi di interesse e del…, IL CREDIT CRUNCH (Rassegna Stampa Tematica - Senato), CREDIT CRUNCH. Infatti, gli eventi che hanno caratterizzato il periodo di crisi 2008-2014 in Italia non vanno inquadrati come le vere cause della crisi, ma come fattori di squilibrio economico che hanno fatto emergere le contraddizioni del sistema economico italiano. Two members are elected for North America and Central America (including most of the Caribbean), three members for South America (including Trinidad and Tobago), six members for Europe, and one member for the rest of the world (Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Antarctica). Despite the decline, though, Italians – together with the French – are still the largest foreign population in Belgium with over 150,000 individuals (Vause 2013; see Chap. In the 5 years to 2012, 28,000 Italian nationals moved to Italy from Germany, the same number in the previous 5 years was over 51,000. Nel 2011 esplode in Europa e in altri paesi la crisi dei debiti sovrani. In conclusion, we fact-check whether the hegemonic narrative focusing on the ‘brain drain’ is consistent with the data on the human capital of those who have left and might leave. [9], UDEUR's defection forced the question of whether Prodi still had the parliamentarian support to govern. Sebbene il sistema finanziario italiano fosse sostanzialmente uscito indenne dal terremoto che aveva colpito la finanza mondiale, la conseguente crisi delle economie reali di molti paesi occidentali colpì duramente l'Italia, essendo alcune di queste economie importanti mercati di sbocco per le nostre esportazioni. As a matter of fact, a growing number of scams have been reported, in which Italian newcomers are requested payment for accommodation and access to work by fellow citizens and locals11 – a sort of historic recurrence of the ethnic-broker or padrone system that accompanied Italy’s great emigration of the past. Italy’s was the only one to contract in 2014 among major European economies, and in the first half of 2015 it grew at half the speed of the average of the Eurozone. As described in the first section of the chapter, numbers, composition, profile and duration of the most recent and current outflows from the country are still somehow uncertain. Government debt is high, its banking system is weak and it is a strategically important economy, the eurozone’s third biggest. It needs also to be considered that documented immigrants leaving the country have no incentives – just as natives – to de-register as residents in Italy, since it would involve loosing some benefits there, such as access to welfare service and public health care. Se Italia non migliora è giusta’”, La Repubblica, 16 April 2012,…/barca_fuga_di_cervelli_se_italia_non_migliora_giusta‐33394354/; last accessed 17 April 2014. The reasons behind the country’s poor economic performance since the 1990s are numerous and controversial ranging from its public debt, a sclerotic bureaucracy, low productivity rates and falling competitiveness – mainly linked to relatively high unit labour costs, excessive regulation, lack of R&D spending, an excess of small sized businesses -, political instability, inefficiency, corruption and uncompetitive marketable services (Ciocca 2007: Ch. Senato: stop alla creazione di nuovi gruppi scollegati dai partiti, Il Parlamento ha approvato la legge sul biotestamento, La Lega di Salvini teme di essere trascinata al centro dall'alleanza con Berlusconi, La vicenda delle banche in dissesto, il caso Etruria e la regolamentazione dei mercati finanziari, Linee politiche divergenti per la sinistra e il centrosinistra, Riforme e giustizia: approvata la legge sul whistleblowing, Le coalizioni elettorali, la mucca nel corridoio e le elezioni politiche 2018, Elezioni regionali in Sicilia e referendum consultivi in Lombardia e Veneto, Il Parlamento ha approvato una nuova legge elettorale: il Rosatellum 2.0, Valutazioni dei risultati delle elezioni amministrative 2016, Elezioni amministrative 2016 e ballottaggi, Le unioni civili sono ora regolamentate da una legge dello Stato, L'elezione del Presidente della Repubblica Sergio Mattarella e la rottura del patto del Nazareno, Risultati elezioni europee 25 maggio 2014, La rielezione di Giorgio Napolitano a Presidente della Repubblica, Parlamento: la situazione di stallo dopo le elezioni politiche 2013, Risultati elezioni politiche 24 febbraio 2013, Risultati elezioni politiche 24 febbraio 2013 per partito, Corruzione, clientelismo e voto di scambio dopo Tangentopoli, Il crollo delle vecchie ideologie di destra e di sinistra in Italia, Il seme della corruzione nella politica italiana, Le origini dello Stato italiano e la Costituzione repubblicana. “Giovannini su dati Ocse: ‘Dimostrano che italiani poco occupabili’”, La Repubblica, 9 October 2013, last access 12 August 2014. URG! L'Italia può tornare a essere competitiva solamente se risolve i problemi strutturali della sua economia, problemi strutturali che affondano le radici nei primi anni del 2000. Three main interwoven public discourses dominated the debate regarding recent emigration. La difficoltà di rispettare i parametri europei in una fase di recessione economica ha aperto una discussione sull'adesione all'Euro. Data are critically assessed against the available statistical sources from the top European destination countries. The data on the 2014 flows confirm the UK as a booming destination (see also Chap. The country still attracts significant numbers of immigrants, mainly because the backbone of its productive system, made of small and medium enterprises, is in labour-intensive sectors, like fashion, agriculture and food. “So far, at the level of declaration, support is assured. More than one million individuals got Italian citizenship abroad in twelve years (1998–2010). In sintesi, la crisi del debito sovrano è stata superata in Italia attraverso la formazione di un governo tecnico che ha adottato misure impopolari, tra cui tagli della spesa pubblica e aumento della tassazione complessiva dei cittadini. To these figures, we should also add at least 60,000 so-called ‘, Ballestrero, M. V. (2012). [6] As stated many times by Minister Mastella, if the referendum would have been confirmed this would have led directly to the fall of the government[7][8] As it might. Compared to the same period in 2008, Italy’s economy still shrank the most among both core countries – France, the UK and Germany – and some peripheral countries, including Spain, in the second quarter of 2015. Grande depressione è il termine con cui si designa la crisi economica mondiale innescata dal crollo della Borsa di Wall Street a New York nell'ottobre del 1929 e protrattasi per tutti gli anni Trenta. Instead, the onus is on individual governments and the European commission to show that they have learned lessons from the counterproductive obsession with the budgetary orthodoxy that delayed the eurozone’s recovery from the 2008-09 financial crisis. De kredietcrisis eind jaren 2000.; De Europese staatsschuldencrisis in de jaren 2010.; Crisis (biologie), een biologisch proces waarin cellen sterven. At the same time, the annual inflow of the same groups is declining. High rates of returns, a typical trait of historical emigration from Italy, are a feature of more recent emigration patterns too.2 The numbers of Italians returning to their home country, though, are lower than they used to. Put simply, if there was one EU country that the European commission in Brussels and the European Central Bank in Frankfurt would have chosen to avoid a severe coronavirus outbreak it would have been Italy. The voting determined the leader of Italy's 62nd government since the end of World War II. The incentives are accorded if they start new business activities in Italy or are hired permanently by an Italian employer. All rights reserved. However, the results are based on regional, rather than national, vote. On 24 January 2008 Prime Minister of Italy Romano Prodi lost a vote of confidence in the Senate by a vote of 161 to 156 votes, causing the downfall of his government. Tintori, G. (2012). According to Swiss national statistics the inflow of Italian immigrants was at its peak in 1983, when it reached 12,000 people, it was below 7000 people per year in the decade to 2006, but then it jumped again and reached a record high in 2013 with over 13,000 Italian immigrants. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, South-North Migration of EU Citizens in Times of Crisis Incidentally, these actions were undertaken concurrently with the adoption of policies that retrenched the social and economic rights of third country nationals regularly residing in Italy and made more demanding the procedures to get their residence permits renewed. Le cause di questa crisi finanziaria divenuta poi economica sono molteplici: l’incremento dei prezzi delle materie prime, iniziato nei primi mesi del 2008 e che ha visto salire il petrolio al prezzo record di 147$ al barile il giorno 11 luglio 2008, la crisi alimentare mondiale e l’aumento del prezzo del grano, un’elevata inflazione globale, la minaccia di una recessione già nata nel 1991 in America e l’esplosione della bolla dei valori Internet del 2001. ; Financiële crisis. According to the UK census of 2011, in fact, nearly 10 % of the UK residents holding an Italian passport were born in Latin America.

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