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[17], Key: Malta: Christabelle Borg chosen for Eurovision 2018 with Taboo! Ecco logo e slogan ufficiali dell’Eurovision 2018, Eurovision 2018: First Wave of Grand Final Tickets Go On Sale. Ma vie va de l’avant, au-delà de tout, au-delà des gens. Cyprus achieved their best result in their Eurovision history. Jenifer Brening to Eurovision 2018, San Marino: More National Final Details Revealed, San Marino all’Eurovision 2018: selezioni via web aperte a tutti, Serbia: RTS Confirms Participation in Eurovision 2018, Serbia: Sanja Ilic & Balkanika wins Beovizija 2018 with “Nova deca”. The second semi-final 90-minute-delayed while the first semi-final and the grand final aired live. Essi sono:[185]. The highlighted countries qualified for the final. [57] Rédacteur depuis 2014. [58], With the approval from the Reference Group, Italy broadcast and voted in the second semi-final following a request from the broadcaster RAI, as the date of the first semi-final coincided with the scheduled final of the fifth season of The Voice of Italy.[60]. [3], Twenty artists competed in the Big Artists category of Sanremo 2018. The selected entrant was then responsible for selecting the song they would compete with. [157] Six artists threatened to withdraw from the selection if it were allowed to compete,[158] with Sofi Lapina actually doing so. The contest's Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand remarked that the theme and logos "resonate with Lisbon's history and underscore Eurovision's core values, including diversity, very well. Konkursu Eurowizji, Sweden: Sanna Nielsen and Edward af Sillén Announced as Eurovision Commentators, Programmübersicht vom 8.5.2018 - TV Programm,,,, Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef Injures Himself During Rehearsals, Czech Republic: Mikolas Looks Forward to Returning to the Stage Tomorrow, Czech Republic: Backflip To Be Included In Performance Should Mikolas Qualify, China: Ireland and Albania removed from semi-final 1 broadcast, China: EBU Terminates Rights of Hunan TV to Broadcast Eurovision, Congratulations: 50 Years of the Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision Song Contest - La storia dei Fire Saga,, Errori del modulo citazione - errori nel parametro URL, Template Webarchive - collegamenti all'Internet Archive, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo, È priva di copertura, requisito necessario per ospitare il concorso. Russia returned after their absence from the previous edition. Their return in 2011 with the song "Madness of Love", performed by Raphael Gualazzi, placed second—their highest result, to this point, since their victory in 1990. Interno; cantante annunciata l'11 dicembre 2017, Interno; cantante annunciato il 5 dicembre 2017, Interno; cantante annunciata l'8 novembre 2017, Interno; cantante annunciata il 28 settembre 2017, Selezione interna fra brani inviati dagli aspiranti rappresentanti; gruppo e brano annunciati l'11 marzo 2018, Interno; cantante e brano annunciati il 1º febbraio 2018, Interno; cantante e brano annunciati il 13 febbraio 2018, Interno; cantante annunciata il 7 novembre 2017, Interno; gruppo annunciato il 31 dicembre 2017, Interno; cantante e brano annunciati il 16 febbraio 2018, Una finale nazionale era inizialmente prevista per il 16 febbraio (poi spostata al 22), ma la squalifica di quattro dei cinque concorrenti ha reso Gianna Terzi l'unica possibile rappresentante greca, Interno; cantante e brano annunciati il 31 gennaio 2018, Interno; gruppo e brano annunciati il 13 febbraio 2018, Interno; cantante annunciato il 9 novembre 2017, Interno; cantante annunciata il 29 gennaio 2018, Lo Stato è rappresentato dalla stessa cantante che avrebbe dovuto rappresentarlo l'. [6] Following Sobral's triumph, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)'s Executive Supervisor for the Eurovision Song Contest, Jon Ola Sand, issued the hosting invitation to RTP during the winner's press conference. [57] Twenty-six countries participated in the final, with all 43 participating countries eligible to vote. In addition to their participation in the final, Italy was also required to broadcast and vote in one of the two semi-finals. Also, for the first time since 2005, no countries of the Caucasus region (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) participated in the final. Exclusive: The Semi-Final rankings of Eurovision 2018! [citation needed] However, the United Kingdom's national broadcaster, the BBC uploaded the Saturday performance, including the stage invasion, to their YouTube channel. In addition to their participation in the final, Italy was also required to broadcast and vote in one of the two semi-finals. Le jury national est composé de trois ... Italie 1958) : les Gipsy Kings ; Heroes (Måns Zelmerlöw, Suède 2015) : Garou, Isabelle Boulay et Christophe Willem ; Ding-a-dong (Teach-In, Pays-Bas 1975) : Alma. The competition took place between 6–10 February 2018 with the winner being selected on the last day of the festival. You Decide is back with a new co-host and a new venue! But her choice of clothing has also stirred up controversy. Laura Groeseneken will sing for Belgium at Eurovision 2018! The official DVD release also replaces the grand final performance with the previous evening's jury show performance. Ο Αλέξανδρος Λιζάρδος και η Δάφνη Σκαλιώνη σχολιαστές της Ελλάδας στην Eurovision", Kazakhstan: Khabar To Broadcast Eurovision 2018, Zināms, kas komentēs 'Eirovīzijas' tiešraides, FYR Macedonia: Karolina Petkovska Returns To Commentary Booth for Tenth Eurovision Song Contest, "Urmărește ÎN DIRECT de la Lisabona prima semifinală Eurovision 2018", 9 BN’ers die bewijzen dat Duits helemaal niet moeilijk is, Energetyczni Gromee i Lukas Meijer wystąpią w drugim półfinale 63. For 2014, RAI forwent using the Sanremo Music Festival artist lineup and internally selected their entry. [57] Eighteen countries participated in the second semi-final. L'undicesima edizione dell'evento si è tenuta il 5 aprile 2018 a Londra presso il Café de Paris, situato nel West End; vi hanno partecipato: Hanno partecipato inoltre Corinne Hermès (vincitrice dell'Eurovision Song Contest 1983), Stella Mwangi (rappresentante della Norvegia all'Eurovision Song Contest 2011) & Alexandra Rotan (Melodi Grand Prix 2018), Margaret Berger (rappresentante della Norvegia all'Eurovision Song Contest 2013), Suzy (rappresentante del Portogallo all'Eurovision Song Contest 2014), Lucie Jones (rappresentante del Regno Unito all'Eurovision Song Contest 2017) e Felix Sandman (Melodifestivalen 2018). [152][153][154], The topic was debated on British morning show Good Morning Britain on 14 May 2018 in response,[155] with television presenters Trisha Goddard and Piers Morgan defending Netta by stating that she was simply implementing elements of Japanese culture due to her own appreciation of it. "[37], The postcards, filmed between March and April 2018, involved the act emerging from a door into Portugal to take part in a themed activity, such as Mountain Biking, making a salad or Pastel de Nata, or visiting a popular attraction or set of them. Il 21 settembre 2017 è stato annunciato che, come negli anni precedenti, un team di produzione svedese avrebbe affiancato la RTP nell'organizzazione tecnica dell'evento; tra di essi ci sono stati anche Ola Melzig (già produttore esecutivo nell'edizione precedente) e Tobias Åberg.[1]. [180], L'OGAE 2018 è la classifica stilata da gruppi dell'OGAE, organizzazione internazionale che consiste in un network di oltre 40 fan club del Contest di vari Paesi europei e non. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 10 nov 2020 alle 13:22. Although the lyrics are in English, the Spanish title 'Fuego' is repeated throughout the song. La decima edizione dell'evento che anticipa l'ESC si è tenuta il 14 aprile 2018 all'AFAS Live di Amsterdam, condotta da Cornald Maas ed Edsilia Rombley (rappresentante dei Paesi Bassi all'Eurovision Song Contest 1998 e 2007); vi hanno partecipato: Hanno partecipato inoltre Sandra Kim (vincitrice dell'Eurovision Song Contest 1986) e Kristian Kostov (rappresentante della Bulgaria all'Eurovision Song Contest 2017). "The EBU's statement regarding Channel 31 and Kazakhstan's participation in Eurovision", "Kosovo: RTK Hopeful Of Eurovision Debut in 2018", "Kosovo: RTK's statement about Kosovo's debut in Eurovision 2018", "Liechtenstein: 1 FL TV will not debut in Eurovision 2018", "Liechtenstein: 1 FLTV Plans Eurovision Debut in 2019", "Watch Tonight: The first Semi-Final of Eurovision 2018! Non mi avete fatto niente porte un message fort, d’actualité, qui mériterait une haute place dans le classement. ", "Turkey: TRT confirms non participation in Eurovision 2018", "Should Dimash Kudaibergen sing for Kazakhstan at Eurovision 2017? Granger and Penim moderated the press conferences, as well. L'11 maggio 2018, il giorno prima della finale, è stato stabilito l'ordine di presentazione dei portavoce. A good distribution of hotel rooms, at different price categories, able to accommodate at least 2,000 delegates, accredited journalists and spectators. As a member of the "Big 5", Italy automatically qualified to compete in the final. "Kazakhstan's Channel 31 claims: "We will participate in Eurovision 2019! I can't even walk now. Second wave of tickets for Eurovision 2018 on sale 20th December! Returning for The Netherlands: It's Waylon for Lisbon 2018! Forever (and Before): Should Belarus disqualify Alekseev over earlier performances of song submission? Russia confirmed their return after their absence the previous edition, while Macedonia's participation was provisionally blocked by the EBU due to unpaid debts by its national broadcaster. The Ocean connects all of us and its variety can provide good inspiration for each of the participating broadcasters that we look forward to seeing in Lisbon next May. au dernier Festival de la chanson italienne de Sanremo qu’ils ont remporté avec leur chanson Non mi avete fatto niente. An international press centre for 1,500 journalists with adequate facilities for all the delegates. The European Broadcasting Union provided international live streams of both semi-finals and the grand final through their official YouTube channel with no commentary. [8][9], Il 25 luglio 2017 UER e RTP hanno ufficialmente annunciato la Altice Arena di Lisbona come sede del concorso. The Eurovision Song Contest was modelled on the popular Festival di Sanremo which began in 1951. – Prijenos 1. polufinalne večeri", "Pjesma Eurovizije 2018. Switzerland: Zibbz wins the Entscheidungsshow 2018! ", "Սևակ Խանաղյանը չանցավ "Եվրատեսիլ 2018"-ի եզրափակիչ փուլ", "Australia confirmed for 2018! Hanno partecipato inoltre Filipp Kirkorov (rappresentante della Russia all'Eurovision Song Contest 1995), Dmitrij Koldun (rappresentante della Bielorussia all'Eurovision Song Contest 2007), Dina Garipova (rappresentante della Russia all'Eurovision Song Contest 2013), Anastasija e Maria Tolmačëvy (rappresentanti della Russia all'Eurovision Song Contest 2014 e vincitrici del Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006), Samra (rappresentante dell'Azerbaigian all'Eurovision Song Contest 2016), Ivan (rappresentante della Bielorussia all'Eurovision Song Contest 2016), Artsvik (rappresentante dell'Armenia all'Eurovision Song Contest 2017), Kristian Kostov (rappresentante della Bulgaria all'Eurovision Song Contest 2017) e Polina Bogusevič (vincitrice del Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017). Since 2015, the winning artist of the Sanremo Music Festival is rewarded with the opportunity to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest, although in 2016 the winner declined and the broadcaster appointed the runner-up as the Italian entrant. The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 took place at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal and consisted of two semi-finals on 8 and 10 May and the final on 12 May 2018. During the meeting, RTP officials attended a workshop covering several topics related with hosting the Eurovision Song Contest and learned from the experience of the Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC. The Netherlands: Waylon to Sing “Outlaw in Em” At Eurovision 2018, Poland: TVP Confirmed For Eurovision 2018, Poland: Gromee feat. Lisbon revealed as Host City of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest! He also confirmed that this version would be the one performed in Lisbon.[162]. Prior to the 2018 Contest, Italy had participated in the Eurovision Song Contest forty-three times since its first entry during the inaugural contest in 1956. Before the 2018 Contest, Italy had participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest three times since its debut in 2014, having won the contest on their first appearance with the song "Tu primo grande amore", performed by Vincenzo Cantiello.. Before Junior Eurovision. The competition took place between 6–10 February 2018 with the winner being selected on the last day of the festival. Il 29 gennaio 2018 l'Unione europea di radiodiffusione ha annunciato che l'azienda di illuminazioni OSRAM è partner dello show per il quarto anno consecutivo. [7] On 15 May 2017, RTP appeared to have confirmed Lisbon as the host city,[8][9] but clarified the following day that no final decision had been taken regarding both the host city and venue. Cyprus, Austria, Germany and Italy rounded out the top five. The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 was the 63rd edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest.It took place in Lisbon, Portugal, following Salvador Sobral's win at the 2017 contest in Kyiv, Ukraine with the song "Amar pelos dois".It was the first time Portugal had hosted the contest - 54 years after the country made its debut. Who will represent Malta in 2018? [3], The Altice Arena in Lisbon is a multi-purpose indoor arena built for the Expo '98 and has a capacity of 20,000 attendees, making it the largest indoor venue in Portugal and among the largest in Europe. It took place in Lisbon, Portugal, following Salvador Sobral's win at the 2017 contest in Kyiv, Ukraine with the song "Amar pelos dois". The performance of SuRie, representing the United Kingdom, in the final was disrupted by a man who rushed onto the stage and grabbed her microphone, reportedly shouting "Modern Nazis of the UK media, we demand freedom! En tant que pays membre du « Big Five », les cinq plus gros contributeurs financiers à l’Eurovision, dont fait partie la France, sa place en finale est assurée.

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