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Prendiamo ed analizziamo, ad esempio, l’hahstag #SEOTip; possiamo osservare interessanti correlazioni: I due hashtag più importanti associati a #SEOTip sono #SEO e #Google, utilizzando #SEOTip che ha una popolarità di 25 punti con #SEO che ne ha 72, la popolarità complessiva del tweet aumenta. Gli hashtag su Twitter (e sui social) sono nati ufficialmente nel 2007 quando, in occasione dell’incendio della foresta di San Diego, Nate Ritter ha usato il tag #sandiegofire per distinguere i suoi upload. https://www.sendible.com/insights/twitter-hashtags, Twitter Hashtags: A Guide to Finding and Using the Right Ones, Studies have shown that tweets which include hashtags. Porqué siempre hay algo que decir yes@elblogdeyes.com. Se llama What the Trend. Trendsmap es una herramienta increíble que te permite buscar los hashtags de tendencia geolocalizados. Entonces, ¿qué haces? There's no point in using a hashtag if nobody is searching for it. Tu dirección de correo electrónico no será publicada. Cuando usas hashtags populares o de tendencia en Twitter abres una vía para que desconocidos puedan encontrar tus publicaciones. You deserve it. | But which specific hashtags are most likely to help you gain traction on the platform? Now you know the what, why, and when of hashtags, let's see how you can incorporate them in your posts. © Copyright 2020 Sprout Social, Inc. All Rights Reserved. In short, your hashtags need to be relevant to the content you're posting. Trendsmap shows you the latest trends from Twitter, for anywhere in the world. Se utiliza colocando junto al contenido de tu tweet a actualizar, como vemos el hashtag #prblog en la siguiente imagen. March 19, 2020. Forcing hashtags into your tweets to attract attention amounts to spam. It’s one thing to hop on trending hashtags for visibility, but you’re much more likely to drive longer term value such as brand loyalty and conversions with Twitter hashtags that are highly relevant to your audience’s interest. “Hashtag“, que literalmente significa “etiquetas de almohadilla”, por el uso del signo #, es uno de los métodos más típicos de Twitter, por su simplicidad y gran extensión, como un tipo de RT, pero algo más indirecto. The Twitter Trends Report lets you view topics and hashtags that people use frequently when mentioning your brand. For instance, when you enter the term 'social media', RiteTag produces two lists. Quizá esta es una de las grandes discusiones en los diferentes congresos de Social Media a los que acudo. L’ultima chicca che ti segnalo di Hashtagify.me è stata introdotta a novembre 2013, quindi è freschissima. The best time to use Twitter hashtags is when you’re promoting your brand and its products. Social media crises can happen even when you think your Tweet was on par with the topic. #buongiorno è uno di quei termini, diventati hashtag su Twitter, sempreverdi e naturalmente popolari. Nunc feugiat mi tellus, a feugiat tempor consequat. Uncover trends and actionable insights from social conversations to better inform marketing strategy. Per questo caso studio chiamo in causa gli amici di @Pennamontata. Si sigues utilizando este sitio asumiremos que estás de acuerdo. RiteTag es una herramienta a la que le puedes sacar chispas. Armed with that data, you can create messages that are more likely to get discovered by your target audience. In an era of socially conscious consumers, it’s become crucial for brands to stand up for a cause. Then select the“trending” tab to get a list of the topics and hashtags currently trending in your region. Some might discover your products through these hashtags, while others might start following your brand. Here are three hashtag tips to follow: You can use one or more hashtags anywhere in your tweet. Twitter recommends using no more than two hashtags per Tweet, but you're free to use as many as you wish. Use Twitter hashtags when celebrating a national (#Thanksgiving) or global holiday (#EarthDay) with your community. And you can check out the most popular topics in different categories such as sports and entertainment. Enter a hashtag you're interested in using. Non c’è modo migliore per capirne le potenzialità che testare, così ho analizzato per te un po’ di parole “importanti”. In her free time, she goes on food adventures and writes unrhymed poetry. Si te gustan las herramientas descubre las mejores para tu reputación online. That’s why using hashtag search and research tools can help you efficiently and effectively incorporate hashtags into your upcoming content–read on for ways to find top Twitter hashtags. Hashtags are a combination of keywords or phrases preceded by the # symbol, excluding any spaces or punctuations. Don't use spaces in a hashtag. Hashtags Hashtags offre un’interfaccia per ricercare gli hashtag più poplari e visualizzare graficamente il loro uso durante il giono, durante la settimana e durante il mese. Con questo tool si possono esaminare anche le lingue principali dei tweet che usano l’hashtag e le varianti in cui viene utilizzato. While jumping in on trending hashtags and conversations is recommended, be sure that you fully understand the meaning of a given hashtag and vet its relevance to your brand voice and identity before firing off a Tweet. #mattinieri ha un punteggio di correlazione dell’1,7%, al secondo posto dopo #goodmorning. Muchas gracias a www.freepik.es por las imágenes. Keep in mind that your brand doesn’t need to get involved in every pop culture topic. Recibe contenido exclusivo solo para suscriptores, Todos los derechos reservado ® Agus Romero 2020, ¿Cansado de llegar solo a tus amigos en Twitter? Her interests range from pop culture and mythology to content development and social activism. | If you’re not yet using Twitter hashtags to their fullest potential, you could be missing out on a lot of prospective impressions and engagement. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Estas etiquetas sirven principalmente para comenzar con un tema en común. Trendsmap helps you tackle the limitations of the native Twitter hashtag search function by showing you the latest trending hashtags as well as letting you explore their performance over time. Cómo vender más con las…. Sign up to have social media resources sent to your inbox every week. For example, Social Media Examiner uses the #SMEchat hashtag to promote its Twitter chat. #MeWithoutYou o #MeWithoutYouIsLike: (Yo sin ti o Yo sin ti es como…) Los twitteros siempre escriben esto para dar una clase de confesión o sentimiento. Upgrade Your Account to view more detailed information. #PlaceIWannaHaveSex: (Un lugar para tener sexo) La gente tuitea esto porque está “buscando” un lugar para tener relaciones sexuales. And the more visible your Tweet is, the more likely people will engage with it. . Lo mejor de esta herramienta es su Informe de Tendencias que asocia los hashtags de tendencia con los de tu marca. Es la columna de tendencias que te ofrece Twitter. Encuentra los hashtags más populares de Twitter y consigue que tus Tweets despeguen. Esta plataforma te ofrece datos más que interesantes para tu estrategia en Twitter y en las demás redes sociales. Esta función es una invención de Twitter y permite que los usuarios puedan seguir fácilmente los temas que les interesan. Estos son algunos consejos para aprovechar al máximo tu hashtag de marca en Twitter. When he’s not writing about digital marketing and technology, you’ll find him chilling with a thriller in Spain. Besides knowing when to use Twitter hashtags, you need to find which hashtags are popular and trending. The first place to check for trending hashtags is Twitter. Twitter found that adverts without a #hashtag or @mention generate 23 percent more clicks. Puedes crear tus mensajes sabiendo qué intereses hay en las zonas donde quieres converger. Hay un truco para que Twitter te ofrezca más hashtags en tendencia. Check out Subaru retweeting something for #FeelGoodFriday. Espero que te sean útiles y que mejores tus campañas de Twitter. In pole position troviamo @skande, subito dopo l’account di Riccardo che risulta essere il più specializzato sull’argomento e poi diverse persone in posizione più bassa, ma molto coinvolte. Nel 2010 Twitter fu il primo social network ad implementare la funzione degli hashtag. See the use of hashtags like #ethicalfashion and #sustainablefashion in the following Tweet from the UK brand Pretty Polly, for instance. Che cosa puoi fare con tutte queste informazioni? hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(2235233, 'daae958c-8a28-4054-b035-73b770147a14', {}); David Hartshorne is a freelance writer working with business owners and marketing teams to create detailed, actionable content that resonates with their audience. Come posso usare quest’informazione in maniera operativa? Lo malo es que solo te ofrece un número muy limitado de hashtags en tendencia. See for example how the official Wendy’s Twitter uses the Animal Crossing: New Horizons hashtag #ACNH in the following Tweet. #tcot: Top Conservatives on Twitter/Lista de conservadores en Twitter. Quando non lavoro, sono loro ad addomesticare me. Either way, hashtags are a powerful avenue to brand recognition and success. For example, putting the # symbol in front of the words 'World Cup' (without a space) makes it a hashtag: #WorldCup. “Hashtag“, que literalmente significa “etiquetas de almohadilla”, por el uso del signo #, es uno de los métodos más típicos de Twitter, por su simplicidad y gran extensión, como un tipo de RT, pero algo más indirecto. Lo mismo hace cuando posteas una imagen. Conocer bien los hashtags que utilizas puede ayudarte a anticiparte al crear una campaña y pisar sobre seguro. No parece lo más inteligente acercarse a esta tendencia. Quando pubblichiamo una foto su Instagram, oltre alla qualità e alla particolarità dell’immagine, dobbiamo tenere conto della grande importanza degli hashtag.Con queste parole chiave, precedute dal simbolo “#” rendiamo la foto diventa subito più facile da trovare per chi frequenta questo social network. Hashtag analytics for #Popolari are presented below for the past 24 hours using Twitter's streaming API for a 1% sample of all tweets. Travel Report » Entradas » Los “hashtags” más populares de Twitter, Abr 12, 2014 Jesús Alonso Anche questi possono essere usati per costruire tweet a tema in grado di raggiungere un pubblico più ampio e per differenziare il messaggio: l’hashtag #solocosebelle viene utilizzato per twittare piccoli e grandi piaceri durante la giornata. They are so useful for identifying topics that you can't afford to ignore them. Todos aquellos que busquen el tema de tu hashtag podrán debatir, comentar y mirar lo que toda la comunidad de Twitter está publicando sobre ese tema. Privacy To create a more relevant list of trending Twitter hashtags, make the most of Sprout’s social listening tools. Need a Social Media Campaign Template? Contattami:valentinalepore[at]gmail.com. Por lo pronto hoy se me hacen muy ocurrentes los trending topics del día de hoy: […] Los hashtags más populares de twitter […], Escribe #Tútelopierdes y te encontrarás con las indirectas mas melosas de la historia jejeje, Si ya lo he visto, son frases de por favor, por favor, por favor regresa conmigo. Al mismo tiempo que escribes te va dando sugerencias de hashtags para conseguir que tu Tweet llegue a más gente. Facebook, Inc. must take the clear and unequivocal actions to stop its platform from being used to spread and amplify racism and hate. The trends are tailored to you based on your location and who you follow: If you don't like what you see, you can click on 'Change' to select another location: Pro Tip: The Twitter mobile app starts with the Top 5 Trends: But you can tap on 'Show more' to reveal a list of the Top 20: Hashtagify is a brilliant tool for finding both trending and popular hashtags. Encuentra los, Para hacértelo más fácil hay herramientas que te pueden ayudar a encontrar los, LAS HERRAMIENTAS IMPRESCINDIBLES PARA ENCONTRAR LOS MEJORES HASHTAGS, HERRAMIENTAS PARA ENCONTRAR LOS HASHTAGS DE TENDENCIA DE TWITTER, HERRAMIENTAS PARA ENCONTRAR LOS HASHTAGS POPULARES, Hay veces que es imposible seguir la tendencia porque va en contra de tu marca. Y crear una estrategia dirigida hacia tus intereses huyendo de las tendencias nacionales que no se encuentran en tu área de influencia. Lo mejor es que funciona igual de bien en móvil como en el portátil. No. We look forward to discussing hot social media news topics with you every Wednesday. To edit, tap the saved word or hashtag and change the Mute from, or Change mute time (or Extend mute time, depending on your settings) selections, then tap Save. 3 ways to research trending Twitter hashtags. So even if you know what to Tweet, you might not get optimum visibility for your Tweets without the right hashtags. Todos aquellos que busquen el tema de tu hashtag podrán debatir, comentar y mirar lo que toda la comunidad de Twitter está publicando sobre ese tema. For example, enter the hashtag #contentmarketing, and you'll see the definition below: If one or more respected influencers in your industry or niche are using a hashtag, then there's a good chance it's relevant. Her short fiction has appeared in anthologies published by HarperCollins Publishers and Zubaan Books. Se hai in mente una parola che per te può essere importante, inseriscila nella barra di ricerca e in pochi secondi ottieni: (In-depth intelligence è invece un report approfondito, disponibile nella versione PRO del tool, a pagamento.). Te presento algunas que aunque tienen versión de pago te permiten conocer algunos datos interesantes en su versión gratuita. ¿Qué significa despertarse a las 3 de la mañana. Bisogna trovare le parole giuste: le parole sono importanti! Ben & Jerry’s has been exemplary in this aspect, as covered in our recent Social Spotlight. >>>https://t.co/7OpxtcbDGg pic.twitter.com/I989Uk9V3h, — Ben & Jerry's (@benandjerrys) June 23, 2020. You can also find a list of popular topics and hashtags personalized according to your interests. Hashtags originated on Twitter in 2007, but nowadays they're used on other social media platforms, especially Instagram, as well as TV and Video campaigns. According to the Sprout Social #BrandsGetReal survey, 70% of consumers feel that brands should take a stand on public issues. Además, es gratis e intuitiva. Da quando ti sei avvicinato al mondo di Internet, e in particolar modo a quello dei social network, ti sei imbattuto in tanti termini nuovi. Finding trending and popular hashtags is one thing, but that doesn't mean you have to use them. See how Billboard uses the #Grammys hashtag in the following Tweet to create a discussion around the event. Take, for example, take the popular burger chain Five Guys posting about #NationalBurgerDay. Hay otros, HERRAMIENTA PARA MONITORIZAR TUS HASHTAGS, Si te gustan las herramientas descubre las mejores para tu, Los Mejores Editores de Videos Gratis y Online de 2020, HERRAMIENTAS GRATIS PARA GESTIONAR REDES SOCIALES, ALMACENAMIENTO EN LA NUBE ONLINE: GRATIS, DE PAGO Y…, Mini Guía de Podcast. Non tutti i tweet nascono dalla necessità d’immediatezza e rapidità: per molti la selezione e la cura delle parole giuste diventa fondamentale per la riuscita del messaggio. Per l’ultimo esempio, prendo in prestito l’hashtag dell’amico Riccardo Esposito di My Social Web che utilizza #mysw per tatuare la firma del suo blog sui tweet. Terms This guide will explain how and why Twitter hashtags matter for your brand, how to find popular, relevant and trending hashtags and when to use them for marketing. This gives you options in your publishing strategy and content planning: will you focus on pre-planning content around a campaign hashtag, or do you want to gain visibility through popular Twitter trends and events like existing hashtag holidays?

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