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[103] On 24 May 2008 BBC Radio 4 broadcast an adaptation of Dr. No. Goldfinger—notably featuring 007 being threatened with the novel's circular saw, rather than the film's laser beam—and Diamonds Are Forever. Al hacer clic en una palabra, puede lanzar una nueva búsqueda, ver sinónimos, conjugar los verbos y escuchar la pronunciación. [146] Since then, there have been numerous video games either based on the films or using original storylines. [74][75], The Young Bond series of novels was started by Charlie Higson[76] and, between 2005 and 2009, five novels and one short story were published. [106] ", "If it hadn't been for Q Branch, you'd have been dead long ago! [161], A new version of GoldenEye 007 featuring Daniel Craig was released for the Wii and a handheld version for the Nintendo DS in November 2010. The actor Toby Stephens, who played Bond villain Gustav Graves in the Eon Productions version of Die Another Day, played Bond, while Dr. No was played by David Suchet. [143] Adele won the award at the 85th Academy Awards, and Smith won at the 88th Academy Awards. [131][133], The "James Bond Theme" was written by Monty Norman and was first orchestrated by the John Barry Orchestra for 1962's Dr. No, although the actual authorship of the music has been a matter of controversy for many years. L'onomastico di James si festeggia il 25 Luglio. [77] The first Young Bond novel, SilverFin was also adapted and released as a graphic novel on 2 October 2008 by Puffin Books. [229] Geographers have considered the role of exotic locations in the movies in the dynamics of the Cold War, with power struggles among blocs playing out in the peripheral areas. [71][72][73] Horowitz's second Bond novel, Forever and a Day, tells the origin story of Bond as a 00 agent prior to the events of Casino Royale. James Alan Hetfield (born August 3, 1963 in Downey, Los Angeles County, California) is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, co-founder and main songwriter in the American heavy metal band, Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out Of Hand, Lars Ulrich And James Hetfield Induct Black Sabbath (2006), (Blu-ray-R, Unofficial + DVDr, DVD-V, Unofficial, N), I've Always Been Crazy (A Tribute To Waylon Jennings), Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame + Museum: Live - Legends, The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert - Ultimate Complete Edition, “VH1’s “The Rock Show” Top 40+ Bad-Asses”. The most recent Bond film, Spectre (2015), stars Daniel Craig in his fourth portrayal of Bond; he is the sixth actor to play Bond in the Eon series. [170] Boothroyd also gave Fleming advice on the Berns-Martin triple draw shoulder holster and a number of the weapons used by SMERSH and other villains. [114][117][119], Eon Productions, the company of Canadian Harry Saltzman and American Albert R. "Cubby" Broccoli, released the first cinema adaptation of an Ian Fleming novel, Dr. No (1962), based on the eponymous 1958 novel and featuring Sean Connery as 007. Plomer liked it and submitted it to the publishers, Jonathan Cape, who did not like it as much. [35] Although novelisations of two of the Eon Productions Bond films appeared in print, James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me and James Bond and Moonraker, both written by screenwriter Christopher Wood,[36] the series of novels did not continue until the 1980s. [174] After Bond's car was written off by Hugo Drax in Moonraker, Fleming gave Bond a Mark II Continental Bentley, which he used in the remaining books of the series. [166] In addition to providing materials for players to create original scenarios, the game also offered players the opportunity to have adventures modelled after many of the Eon Productions film adaptations, albeit with modifications to provide challenges by preventing players from slavishly imitating Bond's actions in the stories. [87] The first instalment of the trilogy, subtitled Guardian Angel, was released on 10 October 2005 in the UK. [210] He was also placed at number 11 on a similar list by Empire[211] and as the fifth greatest movie character of all time by Premiere. The James Bond series focuses on a fictional British Secret Service agent created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short-story collections. [107] In May 2014 Stephens again played Bond, in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, with Alfred Molina as Blofeld, and Joanna Lumley as Irma Bunt. [152], In 1999 Electronic Arts acquired the licence and released Tomorrow Never Dies on 16 December 1999. Ameliore sus competencias lingüísticas con Reverso The documentary included James Bond in dramatised scenes from Questo nome è stata effettivamente confermato anche dai sei presidenti americani. ©2020 Reverso-Softissimo. [113], Most of the Bond novels and short stories have since been adapted for illustration, as well as Kingsley Amis's Colonel Sun; the works were written by Henry Gammidge or Jim Lawrence with Yaroslav Horak replacing McClusky as artist in 1966. [90], In 1954 CBS paid Ian Fleming $1,000 ($9,520 in 2019 dollars[94]) to adapt his novel Casino Royale into a one-hour television adventure as part of its Climax! Origine Ebraico-aramaica (forma adattata per via greco-latina: ‘Jakṓb’ e ‘Jacobus’) Significato Seguace fedele di Dio, “Dio protegge” (o, come Giacobbe, “orma di Dio”) [136] The theme, as written by Norman and arranged by Barry, was described by another Bond film composer, David Arnold, as "bebop-swing vibe coupled with that vicious, dark, distorted electric guitar, definitely an instrument of rock 'n' roll ... it represented everything about the character you would want: It was cocky, swaggering, confident, dark, dangerous, suggestive, sexy, unstoppable. [189] It is also noticeable that, although Bond uses a number of pieces of equipment from Q Branch, including the Little Nellie autogyro,[191] a jet pack[192] and the exploding attaché case,[193] the villains are also well-equipped with custom-made devices,[189] including Scaramanga's golden gun,[194] Rosa Klebb's poison-tipped shoes,[195] Oddjob's steel-rimmed bowler hat[196] and Blofeld's communication devices in his agents' vanity case.[189]. After Fleming's death a continuation novel, Colonel Sun, was written by Kingsley Amis (as Robert Markham) and published in 1968. [2], It was not until the penultimate novel, You Only Live Twice, that Fleming gave Bond a sense of family background. also moved onto the cinema screen, with eight films released: all were testaments to Bond's prominence in popular culture. Portatori famosi includono l'esploratore capitano James Cook (1728-1779), l'inventore di James Watt (1736-1819) e il romanziere e poeta James … As of 2020, there have been twenty-four films in the Eon Productions series. series. Shauna ha chiamato suo figlio James. [153] In October 2000, they released The World Is Not Enough[154] for the Nintendo 64[155] followed by 007 Racing for the PlayStation on 21 November 2000. Además, puede acceder a opciones avanzadas. [134], A Bond film staple are the theme songs heard during their title sequences sung by well-known popular singers. [68] On 26 September 2013, Solo by William Boyd, set in 1969, was published. SINOSSI Bambino prese temporaneamente il posto dello sceriffo di cui si ruppe la gamba, lasciandolo al suo triste destino. Il nome James e' un nome maschile di origine ebraica che letteralmente significa 'il primo' . It is estimated that since Dr. No, a quarter of the world's population have seen at least one Bond film. In 1981 the thriller writer John Gardner picked up the series with Licence Renewed. The films are also noted for Bond's relationships with various women, who are sometimes referred to as "Bond girls". [212], The 24 James Bond films produced by Eon are the longest continually running film series of all time, and including the two non Eon produced films, the 26 Bond films have grossed over $7.04 billion in total, making it the sixth-highest-grossing franchise to date. James is derived from the Greek and Hebrew names for Jacob via Latin. Giacobbe = Jacob in Italian. [198] The first parody was the 1964 film Carry On Spying, which shows the villain Dr. Crow being overcome by agents who included James Bind (Charles Hawtry) and Daphne Honeybutt (Barbara Windsor). [69] In October 2014, it was announced that Anthony Horowitz was to write a Bond continuation novel. [221][222], Throughout the life of the film series, a number of tie-in products have been released. Nuestro diccionario italiano-español en línea contiene miles de palabras y expresiones, con traducciones y ejemplos. Ian Fleming created the fictional character of James Bond as the central figure for his works. In 2015 the series was estimated to be worth $19.9 billion,[1] making James Bond one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time. [111] The first strip, Casino Royale was published from 7 July 1958 to 13 December 1958[112] and was written by Anthony Hern and illustrated by John McLusky. Fleming, a keen birdwatcher himself, had a copy of Bond's guide and he later explained to the ornithologist's wife that "It struck me that this brief, unromantic, Anglo-Saxon and yet very masculine name was just what I needed, and so a second James Bond was born". [17] He started the story shortly before his wedding to his pregnant girlfriend, Ann Charteris, in order to distract himself from his forthcoming nuptials.[18]. James n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. [137] More recently, the Austin Powers series by writer, producer and comedian Mike Myers,[205] and other parodies such as the Johnny English trilogy of films,[206] have also used elements from or parodied the Bond films. ¿Qué le parece? La riqueza y la estructura de nuestro diccionario le ayudan a elegir la palabra adecuada para comunicar en italiano o español. Onomastico 1 o 3 maggio (San Giacomo apostolo il Minore) 25 luglio (San Giacomo apostolo il Maggiore) 5 febbraio (San Giacobbe) Frequenza In tutt’Italia si contano più di 150.000 persone di nome Giacomo, varianti incluse (fra Giacoma e Giacomina, circa 35.000; Iacopo-Jacopo: poco … In 2012 the novel From Russia, with Love was dramatised for Radio 4; it featured a full cast again starring Stephens as Bond. [96] The novel was adapted for American audiences to show Bond as an American agent working for "Combined Intelligence", while the character Felix Leiter—American in the novel—became British onscreen and was renamed "Clarence Leiter". (nome) United States pragmatic philosopher and psychologist (1842-1910) (nome) writer who was born in the United States but lived in England (1843-1916) (nome) (New Testament) disciple of Jesus; brother of John; author of the Epistle of James in the New Testament (nome) a river in Virginia that flows east into Chesapeake Bay at Hampton Roads Iacopo,Jacopo = Latin forms of Jacob. [4] He further explained that: When I wrote the first one in 1953, I wanted Bond to be an extremely dull, uninteresting man to whom things happened; I wanted him to be a blunt instrument ... when I was casting around for a name for my protagonist I thought by God, [James Bond] is the dullest name I ever heard. Trigger Mortis was released on 8 September 2015. Exotic things would happen to and around him, but he would be a neutral figure—an anonymous, blunt instrument wielded by a government department. [125] Craig has appeared for a total of four films, and his fifth is scheduled for release in 2021. [230] Other critics claim that the Bond films reflect imperial nostalgia. In Italia ci sono circa 1058 persone di nome James. He played Bond a further six times over twelve years, before being replaced by Timothy Dalton for two films. [173], In the early Bond stories Fleming gave Bond a battleship-grey Bentley ​4 1⁄2 Litre with an Amherst Villiers supercharger. Il testo è disponibile secondo la licenza Creative Commons … Bond is an intelligence officer in the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6. by Chacona & Rosalind Halton & James Sanderson. [38] In 1996 Gardner retired from writing James Bond books due to ill health. [160] Activision subsequently released the 007: Quantum of Solace game on 31 October 2008, based on the film of the same name. [162] A year later a new version was released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 under the title GoldenEye 007: Reloaded. Benson had previously been the author of The James Bond Bedside Companion, first published in 1984. [37] Gardner went on to write sixteen Bond books in total; two of the books he wrote—Licence to Kill and GoldenEye—were novelisations of Eon Productions films of the same name. "[7], Fleming endowed Bond with many of his own traits, including sharing the same golf handicap, the taste for scrambled eggs and using the same brand of toiletries. [156] In 2003, the company released James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing,[157] which included the likenesses and voices of Pierce Brosnan, Willem Dafoe, Heidi Klum, Judi Dench and John Cleese, amongst others. Versione inglese dell'italiano Giacomo, derivante dal nome ebraico Ya'agob, che significa 'colui che diviene il primo, che Dio ha protetto'. Si tratta di un nome che ha molte varianti, tra le quali per esempio Jemmy e Jim, e che in passato è stato portato da due re d'Inghilterra della casa degli Stuart e poi dallo scrittore Joyce. [163][164] In October 2012 007 Legends was released, which featured one mission from each of the Bond actors of the Eon Productions' series. [120] Connery starred in a further four films before leaving the role after You Only Live Twice (1967),[121] which was taken up by George Lazenby for On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969). [185], Fleming's novels and early screen adaptations presented minimal equipment such as the booby-trapped attaché case in From Russia, with Love, although this situation changed dramatically with the films. After completing the manuscript for Casino Royale, Fleming showed it to his friend (and later editor) William Plomer to read. Il servizio gratuito di Google traduce all'istante parole, frasi e pagine web tra l'italiano e più di 100 altre lingue. [147] The game received very positive reviews,[148] won the BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Award for UK Developer of the Year in 1998[149] and sold over eight million copies worldwide,[150][151] grossing $250 million. For other uses, see, " cocky, swaggering, confident, dark, dangerous, suggestive, sexy, unstoppable. The illustrator, John McLusky, however, felt that Fleming's 007 looked too "outdated" and "pre-war" and changed Bond to give him a more masculine look. [104] Following its success, a second story was adapted and on 3 April 2010 BBC Radio 4 broadcast Goldfinger with Stephens again playing Bond. Regístrese para disfrutar de estos beneficios y de mucho más. The James Bond series focuses on a fictional British Secret Service agent created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short-story collections. [55], After a gap of six years, Sebastian Faulks was commissioned by Ian Fleming Publications to write a new Bond novel, which was released on 28 May 2008, the 100th anniversary of Fleming's birth. Traduzione inglese del nome italiano Giacomo derivante dall'ebraico Ya'agob, che significa'colui che soppianta, che diviene il primo, che Dio ha protetto', è un nome diffusissimo in tutto il mondo occidentale: nei Paesi anglosassoni, Stati Uniti compresi, esistono le … James – forma inglese del nome proprio di persona Giacomo; James – serie televisiva statunitense trasmessa dal 1977 al 1978. The Bond films are renowned for a number of features, including the musical accompaniment, with the theme songs having received Academy Award nominations on several occasions, and two wins. The film's success encouraged further espionage equipment from Q Branch to be supplied to Bond, although the increased use of technology led to an accusation that Bond was over-reliant on equipment, particularly in the later films. The films are the longest continually running film series of all time and have grossed over US$7.04 billion in total, making it the sixth-highest-grossing film series to date, which started in 1962 with Dr. No, starring Sean Connery as Bond. [167] Other handguns used by Bond in the Fleming books included the Colt Detective Special and a long-barrelled Colt .45 Army Special. [126] The series has grossed almost $7 billion to date, making it the third-highest-grossing film series (behind the Harry Potter and Marvel Cinematic Universe films),[127] and the single most successful adjusted for inflation. [207] In 2001, it was voted as the "best-loved one-liner in cinema" by British cinema goers,[208] and in 2005, it was honoured as the 22nd greatest quotation in cinema history by the American Film Institute as part of their 100 Years Series. Since Fleming's death in 1964, eight other authors have written authorised Bond novels or novelisations: Kingsley Amis, Christopher Wood, John Gardner, Raymond Benson, Sebastian Faulks, Jeffery Deaver, William Boyd and Anthony Horowitz. All rights reserved. [213] The UK Film Distributors' Association have stated that the importance of the Bond series of films to the British film industry cannot be overstated, as they "form the backbone of the industry".

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