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Come join the discussion about structures, styles, reviews, scale, transportation, skylines, architecture, and more! You can follow the crowd for a good twenty minutes before it starts to even slightly thin out. Bus 143 is an option from Microcentre (from Av. Cost of a ticket was 1050 pesos and it was a seat( unreserved) on long stand. Average age: 26.5 ... you can find the address of the stadium, access information, special features, prices in the stadium and name rights. Im Dropdown-Menü über den Grunddaten kann zwischen ehemaligen Stadien (Vereine) oder weiteren Heimstätten (Nationalmannschaften) gewählt werden. 18,742 Posts . Het e-mailadres wordt niet gepubliceerd. +8,50 Mio. Ticket prices depend on the opponent, but expect to pay from AR$ 300.00 for a place behind the goal to between AR$ 400.00 and AR$ 800.00 for a seat at one of the sides. JavaScript is disabled. The stadium, however, does not lie in one of Buenos Aires’ best neighbourhoods, there is a large slum opposite the stadium, and walking around in the area is best avoided. Welcome to Estadio Pedro Bidegain, often referred to as El Nuevo Gasometro, got built in 1993 to provide San Lorenzo once again with a home of their own. Squad size: 33 . The best moment was when the lights went down and then the supporters started having a party. Tickets tend to go on sale from two days before the match. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt hatte der Klub hohe Schulden und besaß kein Stadion mehr. Tickets for San Lorenzo games can generally be bought at the club office at Avenida La Plata 1782 in Boedo or at the club office at Avenida de Mayo 1373 near Plaza del Congreso. 33, Durchschnittsalter: Villa Soldati is on the Belgrano Sur commuter train line, which unfortunately only runs from Buenos Aires train station in the Parque Patricios area (near Estadio Adolfo Duco) so will unlikely be of much use. Discussion Starter • #1 • 8 mo ago. Gral. Fourteen years earlier, San Lorenzo had been forced to leave the Old Gasometro when their land got taken by the dictatorial regime and sold to a supermarket chain. The walk from Varela to the stadium takes about 30 minutes, but again, this is not recommended. Last Wednesday the 19th of February, IDOM reached an agreement with Club Atletico San Lorenzo de Almagro, Argentina, for the preliminary design and business model of its new stadium in the neighbourhood of Boedo, in Buenos Aires. Tickets tend to go on sale from two days before the match.,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. 1. The nearest metro station is Varela, which is on the purple line E that runs south-west from the Microcentro, where it connects with various other lines. I attended a game between San Lorenzo and Junior from Colombia in Copa Libertadores. Diese Seite bietet Informationen zu dem Stadion, in dem die angewählte Mannschaft ihre Heimspiele austrägt. The area may not be the nicest, but if it is crowded you should be fine. Unfortunately the lights got fixed and the game was finished. Kadergröße: (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); Estadio Pedro Bidegain is located in the Nueva Pompeya area in the south of the city of Buenos Aires (Capital Federal). Latin America’s Largest Football Stadiums. Alle Infos zum Stadion von San Lorenzo. Bus 23 (from Tucuman) is an alternative, while bus 150 (from Rodr. From the Recoleta area (Junin) bus 101 gets you to the stadium, but there are no direct buses from the Palermo area. It lies about 9 kilometres south-west from the business centre (Microcentro) and slightly less from the Palermo and Recoleta neighbourhoods. As mentioned in another review, make sure to hold onto your receipt as the card does not have any information on where you have to sit. Train station Villa Soldati lies closer to the stadium, an approximate 15-minute walk away. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. However, from a little further south from Av. The Barra Brava end sits behind the goal to the left of the main stand and provides a very impressive atmosphere. 2, Stadion: It is a plastic card with basic information on it, but remember what stand you got the ticket for( I kept my receipt from the shop and used it to get to the correct stand). Input your search keywords and press Enter. Alem or Colon). There are furthermore multiple buses (colectivos) running past the stadium. After the game, half of the crowd walks along the road towards Nueva Pompeya so there isn’t much chance of the slum being much of an issue. Trains run once to twice an hour. I bought my ticket on the day of the match at the ground. Their exile ended when Estadio Pedro Bidegain opened 2 kilometres south-west of their old home. San Lorenzo plays its home games at Estadio Pedro Bidegain, popularly known as Nuevo Gasómetro.The stadium and sports facilities are located in the Bajo Flores district of the Buenos Aires. Very impressive support with very poor football game. Tickets can furthermore be bought at the ticket windows of the stadium from a few hours before the match. 1. 26,5, Legionäre: Address: Av. Last Wednesday the 19th of February, IDOM reached an agreement with Club Atletico San Lorenzo de Almagro, Argentina, for the preliminary design and business model of its new stadium in the … It is therefore also best to take a taxi to the match. A forum community dedicated to skyscrapers, towers, highrises, construction, and city planning enthusiasts. – Official website of CA San Lorenzo de Almagro. They subsequently went on to play at various ground throughout the city while trying to build their own new stadium. Auch historische Spielstätten können ausgewählt werden. Neben den Grunddaten werden, wenn vorhanden, auch Informationen zur Anschrift, Anfahrt, Besonderheiten, den Preisen im Stadion und den Namensrechten angegeben. Transferbilanz: – Journey planner for the Buenos Aires bus system. The slum across the road from the main stand is exactly that – a slum. I got a taxi from metro Varela( 3 minutes and 100 pesos) and after the game I walked( 15 minutes in the straight line). We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Club: San Lorenzo de Almagro | Opening: 1993 | Capacity: 47,964. However, San Lorenzo’s fans never entirely warmed up to the Nuevo Gasometro and have long longed to return to the site of their former home in nearby Boedo. 4  12,1 %, A-Nationalspieler: Vereiste velden zijn gemarkeerd met *, Bundesliga stadiums Eredivisie stadiums La Liga stadiums Ligue 1 stadiums Premier League stadiums Serie A stadiums Scottish Premiership stadiums, Europe’s Largest Football Stadiums Champions League Final venues Europa League Final venues World Cup Final venues Euros Final venues Latin America’s Largest Football Stadiums. Tickets were available on the day, but I opted for buying one from their shop in the city centre. It was full despite San Lorenzo going through a poor spell and the opponents being relatively low profile. Um die Seite nutzen zu können, schalten Sie bitte Ihr Javascript ein. Estadio Pedro Bidegain  47.964 Plätze, Akt. If you continue browsing, we will assume that you are happy with this. €. Tickets for San Lorenzo games can generally be bought at the club office at Avenida La Plata 1782 in Boedo or at the club office at Avenida de Mayo 1373 near Plaza del Congreso. Pena / Solis) is an option from the area around Plaza Congreso. – Official website of the city of Buenos Aires. Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro. San Lorenzo Tickets. While legal and administrative procedures have been long and slow, San Lorenzo hope to be able to start construction of a new stadium, which will be named after San Lorenzo fan Pope Francis and have a capacity of 38,000 seats, in 2018 and move into their new home in 2020. 12. 1981 musste San Lorenzo in die Primera División B absteigen, kehrte aber gleich in der folgenden Saison wieder in oberste Liga zurück. It officially opened on 16 December 1993 with a match between San Lorenzo and Universidad Catolica (2-1). I was sat in the main stand. The drop-down menu above the basic facts allows you to look at former stadiums (clubs) or other home grounds (national teams). Unter dem Präsidenten Fernando Miele (1986–2001) erhielt San Lorenzo wieder ein Stadion und gewann zwei Meistertitel. My taxi on the way to the game took me through it and there was a lot to see – it was very busy but I daresay I wouldn’t like to travel through it at night. Corrientes (Malabia) bus 76 brings you to the stadium. Therefore, when the Argentine government in 2006 approved legislation that allowed for the return of illegally taken land during the dictatorial regime, San Lorenzo started planning a return to their former home. – Public transport journey planner. You need id to buy and to enter the ground. Attended the San Lorenzo vs Union game on 31/08/19. Fernández de la Cruz 2145, Buenos Aires.

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