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Maybe 20 minutes total from Rome center. And with the recently opened post in Ostiense (in partnership with Stefano Aprile and Sorbillo) TED can also add authentic Neapolitan pizza to the list. He is a pretty discerning Roman pizza eater so I defer to him. We often get the fried artichokes (these are not the Roman artichokes alla giudia, Jewish-style. Obviously the ingredients are important. That is a very digestible crust. This is changing a little bit but usually you will find max 2-3 toppings besides tomato sauce and/or cheese. Normally, supplì are made with a tomato-y rice that is stuffed with mozzarella and breaded and fried. Se hai "avvistato" qualcuno all'università (in biblioteca, a lezione, ecc.) Mayo! There are also a lot of places serving pizza that is sort of Napoletana, but really kind of a hybrid. But oddly, it does not actually go that well with pizza. Thank you for supporting my site! Daily 12.30pm – 3pm, 7pm – 11pm The buffalo mozzarella just melts into the fresh tomatoes, creating a kind of creamy tomato sauce on top. You could also walk in, look around, and go, meh, not so interesting. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. And here's everything you need to know about finding and eating pizza in Rome: eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'romewise_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',115,'0','0']));By the way, my picks are pretty varied, and I've got some unique secret spots in there too. Home   |   About Me   |   Privacy Policy   |   Legal Disclaimer   |   Affiliate Disclosure   |   Contact Me. Have you ever eaten pizza and afterwards, felt like you had a ball of dough in your stomach? Take the metro line A to Cipro, and it's half a block from there. Honestly one of if not the best pizza I have ever had. They have a small outdoor seating area. Gino Sorbillo Lievito Madre Roma: If I could give 0 stars I would! So light you digest it while you eat it. A free, pocket-sized guide to the best locations, with a daily listing of the latest and most diverse cultural and lifestyle events in and around Rome. Cerulli is only open during the day, closing around 2:30-3pm, or when they run out of pizza and customers. San Marco is a spacious, modernly decorate restaurant serving mostly local, Roman fare. You can't reserve. Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492 (Ostiense) This pizza above, called "Margherita DOC", is outrageously good. They really are not so out of the way after all. Romeow Cat Bistrot opened in 2014 by animal lover and activist Valentina de Matteis as a way to introduce gourmet vegan food to the Italian palate. Closed on Saturday and Sunday. You usually get this as an optional kind of bread with dinner, or, as a pre-dinner appetizer. Taba Beat Café is a unique culinary concept that brings a new flavor to the district of Ostiense. Roman broccoli with pecorino? Meid in Nepols - Yes this is a play on words, sort of. This one is starting to be my go-to spots for pizza in Rome, when I don't mind going a bit further from the center. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But in case you didn't get enough of that black pepper, there is a pepper mill right in the middle of the pizza. Pizza by the slice places are almost always stand-up only, or take-out. Pretty much since I've lived in Rome, one of my favourite places for pizza by the slice is Quelli di via Nizza. Pizza is perfectly scrocchiarella as it should be. Their artichokes (when in season) are excellent, and their pasta and seafood are top notch as well. And it's meant to be for one person. Closed on Tuesdays. It also seems a bit empty if you go early, because it’s a Roman hangout spot and the Romans don’t get there until after 9, and then it gets really busy, especially on weekends. You didn't think about that before? Via Giovanni da Empoli, 5 Closed on Sundays. Just at the end of Ponte di Ferro, you will find Spiazzo, a trendy place that serves delicious pizza with gourmet toppings, created by Fabio e Alessio Mattaccini. Often you will find pizza without cheese, or without tomato. Overall great dining experience. You can't reserve. Thin, crunchy and absolutely delightful is the pizza served at Spiazzo. My go-to pizzas at Alice are the zucchini flowers with anchovies (can you tell I like anchovies? I visited this restaurant on a recent trip to Rome after a recommendation from a friend. I keep changing my mind about it for myself. Many pizza by the slice places in Rome are now offering some sort of dessert in the form of pizza stuffed with Nutella and ricotta. But no pizza or cocktails here. Of course, their open concept kitchen with wood fire brick oven didn’t help, but it was nice to see regardless. Via Ostiense, 7 Tues – Thur 7.30pm – 12am, Fri – Sat 7.30pm – 12.30am, Sun 7.30pm – 12am Maybe this seems obvious but I figured you might want to know about Roman dining customs, in particular where eating pizza is concerned. Stop in and choose from their mouthwatering selection, or even put in an order for a custom-made sweets that will surely impress your guests at any special event. Yes. So let's talk about the best hybrid pizza in Rome. Hours: Open Wed - Mon 6:30 PM – 1 AM. terrarome. The host sat us down immediately and within 10 minutes we all had our own delicious pizza to enjoy. "Pizza e mortazza", which means focaccia (plain pizza) with mortadella - a typical and delectable snack you will find in Rome. You just show up. Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492 (Ostiense) I love getting super-simple pizza by the slice at Sforza Piero. How to get there: Via della Meloria, 43. And so the original plan somewhat shifted. It's one of the few pizza by the slice places in Rome that does. Will definitely be visiting this restaurant again. Also worth mentioning–they have teas, juice, natural and vegan wine, beer and…coloring books! You try to say, wait, not that much! Not into pizza? And to accompany your meal, browse through their wine list offering more than 60 Italian wines. One reason it's so fun to eat there is the interior decor, which is, And, even if it's not for me, they also make a delicious (I've been told), They also other dishes on the menu, and I love them, too. Tues – Sat 6am – 8pm, Sun 7am – 8pm My zucchini flower came out in its own little paper bag, piping hot and perfectly melted mozzarella and just the right touch of anchovy inside. Arancini originally come from Sicily, and when you get them in Rome, they are round, and don't have the tomato sauce. They are very strict and very serious about who can belong (. Tue – Thur 7pm – 11pm, 12pm – 3pm, Fri – Sat 7pm – 11pm And so you happily get a bunch of flavors on a tray, and then take it to some spot either at the thin counter along the wall or at the communal tables in the back you find during the packed lunch hour, so you can enjoy your well-earned lunch. The Shapes of Time’ Exhibition, I Peccati | Johan Creten Exhibition at Villa Medici, The Pantheon of Rome: The Oldest, best preserved Roman Building, Covid-19: Italy implements a three-tier system and a nationwide curfew, The 2020 Roma Jazz Festival will take place behind closed doors, L’Oracolo di Bob: light cannabis shop in Rome. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. Via Antonio Pacinotti, 83 They also have on the menu, a selection of anticrisi, or "anti-crisis" pizzas. Started by four friends with a passion for beer and a desire to do something a little different in the Ostiense area. ), and zucchini flowers with pecorino (less savoury than you might think but still divine.). In Naples, a pizza with these toppings is called Pizza Romana. Disclosure: If you make a purchase through a link on this page, I may receive a small commission - at no extra cost to you. In the Tuscolano neighbourhood, it is worth the little trip out there. It's a 5-6 minute walk from there. The first Lobster & Burger joint in Italy…but not only. A good minimum is 48 hours. Required fields are marked *. Romeing is a magazine for tourists and expats visiting or living in Rome, including classifieds, an event calendar and feature articles written by locals with secret insight for your vacation or for those considering moving to live in Italy. They have delicious, crispy Roman pizza, made in a giant wood-burning oven. He led us to this fantastic pizzeria. And the toppings are perfect! We arrived when they opened for lunch. But it’s also important to have fabulous fritti (fried appetizers), which are a standard for (almost) any pizza dinner. The pizza is either made in a large rectangular pan, in an electric oven, or like long flat hand-formed “tongues”, in a wood-burning oven. In Rome, pizza by the slice, or pizza al taglio (which literally means “cut pizza”) is usually something to have for a mid-morning snack, a quick lunch, or a late-night nosh. (Each pizza is meant to be a meal for one person, although you can certainly share.). Pizzeria Moma has it all: awesome fried appetizers, a nice, relaxing ambiance but above all, just amazing pizza. Not all pizza is created equal! For me, it's also worth the visit just to sample the unusual supplì (fried rice balls.) For more about Rome food myths and misnomers, visit my page here. 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The ambiance is modern, with soft tones and high ceilings…but the food, including the pizza, is mostly Roman cuisine. ), The ladies behind the counter have been there for ages, and know their customers well (how do they always know I want more than I asked for? We had their fried zucchini flowers which were divine stuffed with ricotta rather than the usual mozzarella, as well as potato balls for appetizers. The place was busting at the seems with locals. While the empanadas are the star, you’ll find other tasty plates of vegetables, meat, fish and pasta, complimented with wine and cocktails. Typically, Romans have round pizza for dinner, usually not lunch (for lunch, there is pizza by the slice.). I kid you not. They sell roasted chicken. 668 en parlent. They also serve breakfast, aperitivo and street food. Sat 12pm – 4pm/ 7pm – 11.30pm,  Sun 12pm – 4pm / 7pm – 11pm At Pizzeria Fermentum, we got this plate with baccalà, supplì, and olive ascolane. There are tons of tables and service is brisk, so you won't be here that long, which also means if you come and there's a wait, the wait won't be long either. There are tons of tables and service is brisk, so you won't be here that long, which also means if you come and there's a wait, the wait won't be long either. Their fritti are delicious and their pizza is just right. But the truth is, I agree. In Rome, you can now find some pretty true-to-life pizza Napoletana. Delish! Green olives, stuffed with minced pork, then breaded and deep fried. ), At lunchtime, the pace is very brisk, quick-lunch Roman style (this is a paradox, usually things happen in Rome veeeery sloooowly.). I love a thin Roman crust and this one is ideal: thin yet chewy and crispy at the same time. There is no fancy decor. Hours: Open Wed - Mon 7 PM – 12 AM. I have visited Italy a few times now and I can honestly say this was the best pizza I've ever had. So when I think of where I love to have pizza in Rome, I also think of where I love the fritti. Closed on Tuesdays. In Naples, the pizza is breadier, softer and has a slightly thicker crust, with edges that puff up. Mmmmm. Let me ask you this. I've been spotting Italians having whole round pizza even for lunch at the few places that serve it at lunchtime. Alessandro changes it up but one he particularly loves here at Emma is with smoked salmon. The crust is perfect and I can taste all the flavors, as it should be. And we couldn’t agree more. A friend tried their lasagne bolognese supplì which was literally lasagne (no rice involved) that had been breaded and fried. It is hard for me to pick a favorite flavor here, as they are all amazing: funghi porcini, zucchini flower and anchovies, white mozzarella and anchovies, even just the margherita is divine. Open Mon - Fri 7 AM -  3 PM. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. But it’s awesome!). For more about Italian food customs, visit my page here. Then we'll get to the hybrids, which are all the rage in Rome lately. She said it was the best pizza in town. Looking for news about the Coronavirus in Rome Italy? I have heard Italians say "this pizza is so good, I can feel myself digesting it while I eat it.". (Many Romans prefer their pizza at room temperature. Traditional Argentinian empanadas are revisited, Roman style at Taba Beat Cafe. Gino Sorbillo Lievito Madre Roma: Authentic and tasty - See 795 traveler reviews, 543 candid photos, and great deals for Rome, Italy, at Tripadvisor. These are small pieces of artichokes that have been battered and fried. OK, well not most important but it's definitely up there. Next flavor? The fresh basil pops, making this seemingly simply pizza a burst of complex and delectable flavours in one bite. The restaurant space also pays tribute to the street art that has become synonyms with the neighborhood– an appropriate setting for the artistic, cultural and musical experiences that take all place here.

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