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Seemingly important storylines are introduced and then abandoned, or, more commonly, ignored for long stretches. I mean, just read that paragraph above. [1] The episode was filmed between March 14 and March 18. Manny, Joe, Gloria, and Jay are consistently put in tertiary stories that not only lack any dramatic or comedic aspects, but usually stray into farce that simply isn’t funny. Phil knows that Clairebottles up her emotions on adolescence until the next day after the event is over, but he doesn't have the time to hear her complain the next day. With the real world on the horizon, she’s freaking out, but as her siblings state, if they can survive in the real world, she definitely can. Jay (Ed O'Neill) arrives home and Gloria (Sofía Vergara) notices that his eye is droopy. They begin their day at Joe’s karate lesson, and it’s there that Gloria bribes the sensei into giving Joe a yellow belt. This hits Alex hard and finally makes her doubt herself and her speech. Also, “our daughter joined ISIS”? I’ve spent a fair amount of time criticizing how Modern Family treats its tertiary characters. The episode revolves around the family getting prepared for Alex's graduation, while Jay tries to hide a Botox mishap. She also praised the episode for letting "everyone in this fantastic ensemble has something to do this week" calling it a "major factor in the success of the episode". The whole family gathers at Jay's house before heading out to Alex's graduation. At Tucker-Pritchett house, while playing with Lily in a mini-pool, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) are talking about Alex's graduation, and Mitchell notes that he was in the room when Alex was born. As they all prepare to leave, Cameron walks into a glass door, which prompts all the Pritchetts to laugh, to the amazement of Phil and Gloria, and making Cameron believe that these random accidents keep happening to him because of his bad luck. Afterward, Alex is invited to a graduation party and goes there, much to Phil and Claire's growing dismay, but Haley responds that she could have lunch with her parents, to which they hug her effusively, embarrassing her in front of the entire school. Phil and Claire spend the entire episode trying to prove to other parents that they have at least one successful kid, going on and on about her graduating from Cal Tech and considering a job at NASA. When Jay takes off his glasses, the entire family is horrified at the state of his face, which has gotten worse and all indicate that he should go to the hospital, but all are taken aback when Mitchell guesses that it is a botox job gone wrong. There’s the high school graduation, where Jay is giving a speech as the town’s entrepreneurial leader—is his closet business really that significant?—and Cam is stepping in to run the show when the Principal is hurt in a car crash. It criticizes her entire grade for being unintelligent and incompetent, and it also attacks them for continually treating her as if she did not exist. "See You Next Fall" is the 23rd episode of the American comedy television series, Modern Family's second season and the 47th episode overall. [8] Added with DVR viewers, "See You Next Fall" received a 6.2 rating marking a 51 percent rise from the original viewership.[9]. She then turns down her mother's suggestion that they ride together in a Carpool, deciding to go early with Haley. Before they leave, Haley (Sarah Hyland) enters Alex's room and discovers that her speech consists of a harsh angry rant that is heavily laced with hatred. The family tries to give her words of wisdom, but it’s no use. What’s strange is that barely any of the episode’s runtime is dedicated to either graduation, with Alex’s commencement getting the short end of the stick, a mere 4 minutes or so at the end of the episode. [14], James Poniewozik of Time praised the episode for its "high-quality interaction among the three family groups" commenting that it helped make the episode seem like the season finale. Meanwhile, Haley attempts to stop Alex's speech by stealing her notes, but fails, because Alex has brought duplicates. Instead, “Commencement” introduces us to a distressed Alex in its final minutes, and expects the emotional crescendo to be effective. Similarly, the tension between Mitchell and Cam, which boils down to Cam dealing with a graduation going off the rails and Mitchell lying about getting massages instead of trumpet lessons for two years, doesn’t add much to the episode. The episode was written by Danny Zuker and directed by Modern Family co-creator and executive producer, Steven Levitan. She doesn’t want to go to her graduation, because what’s the point when you learn everything is meaningless? She also praised Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen's performance saying they "[stole] the spotlight", mainly pointing out "the two rolling down a hill of the school just as Alex’s speech begins". Also Haley gives Alex advice on her Valedictorian speech. It’s a waste of a moment that Modern Family could have made special. He initially brushes it aside, claiming that he went to the dermatologist and it is probably the effect of a numbing cream that he had, but he later admits that he had botox and it was drifting. At first, the idea works, but halfway to the school, the chain breaks, which worsens Claire's meltdown, since she believes that they are losing Alex just as much as they have lost Haley, and prompting Phil to suffer a meltdown of his own. The ABC family comedy series will return with new episodes Wednesday to mark the special day in the family's history, as Alex (Ariel Winter) graduates from college. The whole point of the episode is to build to Alex getting her degree, an achievement that’s meant to be a big deal for her, and for the family. He praised the Dunphy plot, saying that it showed "silliness plus heart at its best" and complimented the episode's tag scene, calling it an "hilarious moment" and that "Sarah Hyland's reaction to the hug was terrific". [3] Burrell later named it his favorite scene to shoot of the season. It’s a sweet enough moment, and a solid payoff to the critical comments they endure throughout the episode, but it feels tacked on to an episode that’s distinctly not about Alex.

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