iran mosque architecture

The trace of European architecture to Nasir-ol Molk mosque Mosque patronage Mihrab, 1354–55, just after the Ilkhanid period, Madrasa Imami, Isfahan, Iran, polychrome glazed tiles, 343.1 x 288.7 cm (Metropolitan Museum of Art) In today’s Iran, everybody is allowed to use mosques. With the Islamic conquest of Persia, the last Iranian empire before the Islamic rule (Sasanian Empire) fell in the 7 th century. Examples of this style are Soltaniyeh, Arg-i Alishah, Mosque of Varamin, Goharshad Mosque, Bibi Khanum mosque in Samarqand, tomb of Abdas-Samad, Gur-e Amir, Jame mosque of Yazd. Iran Press/Iran News: One of the most elegant and most photographed pieces of architecture in southern Iran, the Pink Mosque was built at the end of the 19th century and its colored tiling,(an unusually deep shade of blue is exquisite.. Located in the northwestern city of Ardabil, Sheikh Safi al-Din is the eponymous mosque of the leader of Sufi mysticism. It was, therefore, a private mosque. This is, of course, a historical fact. * The Isfahani style : The "Esfahani style" is a style (sabk) of architecture when categorizing Iranian architecture development in … Located in Shiraz near Shah Cheragh is a funerary monument and mosque, The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque is one of the oldest ones in Shiraz dating back to … Constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries, it includes a fusion of Sufi and Iranian traditional construction as well as representations of the seven stages and eight attitudes of Sufi mysticism in its architecture. Although not a permanent part of a mosque building, lamps, along with other furnishings like carpets, formed a significant—though ephemeral—aspect of mosque architecture. As we said, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, which doesn’t have a dome, was built by the order of an aristocrat. In this Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018, photo, pillars and the spiral ceiling of the Vali-e-Asr mosque are seen, in Tehran, Iran. The rooting of Islam in Persia triggered an evolution in the artistic society: Islam led to the blossoming of artistic craft and talent in all layers of society. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque was the first to be built of the four monuments that dominated the perimeter of Naqsh-e Jahan Square.Since the mosque was developed specifically for the members of the royal court, the world did not know the marvellous beauty of the structure until its doors later opened to the public. Iranian or Persian architecture has a history dating back to almost 5000 BCE. The usage of beautiful rose-colored tiles in the interior design earned the mosque the nickname Pink Mosque in popular culture.

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