taylor 214ce electro acoustic guitar

This is a valuable review because it's written by someone who has played the instrument for 15 years. This system is uniquely placed behind the saddle of the guitar. Solid durability, majestic and rich tone, as well as decent consistency, are only some of the reasons the customers like it. People who love the bright, focused tone of koa may be drawn to the 214CE. Click Here for the Latest Offers on the Taylor 214ce The bottom line is to remember still to pay attention to bracing style, tonewoods used, and other features you would look for in an all-acoustic guitar. With an easy-to-play grand auditorium body, Taylor's legendary, Things To Consider Before Buying An Entry-Level Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Comes with a solid Sitka spruce top for tone that is bright and balanced, Laminate koa back and sides offers great looks and a somewhat bright tone, Grand auditorium body with cutaway is easy to handle and play, Comes with Taylor's state-of-the-art Expression System 2 electronics, Laminate back and sides don't offer quite the tonal quality of solid wood, This guitar is somewhat expensive given the fact that it has a laminate back and sides, People who love the bright, focused tone of koa may be drawn to the 214CE. The 214ce that I tried out was setup beautifully and the action felt incredibly light without any string-buzz whatsoever. It has Taylor's Expression System 2. Space translates to better bass response. The sound is caused as the majority of the laminate material is made up of paper-thin wood pressed together. This is an attractive looking and great sounding combination, especially with the addition of an Ebony fingerboard and a venetian cutaway on the body's treble bout. In particular, Taylor's 214CE is a reasonably affordable guitar that still sounds like a professional-grade guitar. If you want a similarly affordable guitar in Gibson's vintage-inspired round-shouldered dreadnought body shape, give this guitar a look. The 214ce also features Taylor’s high quality tuning machines which help the guitar stay in tune for ages, which is always an advantage for players that play long gigs. Taylor is a company known for innovation, and some of that innovation comes in the form of unique bracing patterns. However, according to Taylor Guitars founder Bob Taylor, all Taylor laminates. If you're someone who only plays the acoustic guitar at home, you might not need an instrument with electronics. As far as the 214ce’s overall tone goes, it sounds just like you’d expect a high quality acoustic to sound, and does a remarkably good job of combining both tone depth and definition. In particular, Taylor's 214CE is a reasonably affordable guitar that still sounds like a professional-grade guitar. The Gibson G-45 is essentially Gibson's counterpart to the 214CE. There are not many flaws this guitar possesses, but the few it has should also be taken into account. Cette accessible Taylor 214ce Electro Acoustic détient cette qualité renommée que vous connaissez et aimez tous. Great acoustics are the result of excellent craftwork and the remarkable choice of materials. In fact, I feel that they offer more value for money than most other guitars from other manufacturers within the same price range. This review is useful because it evaluates the guitar's value for the price. Today we take an in-depth look into the Taylor 214ce acoustic-electric guitar, which is pretty much the unofficial flagship guitar for Taylor’s 200 series. It has three pickup sensors for accurate amplification, and it responds well to even very dynamic playing. There’s no denying the fact that playing a high quality guitar adds a level of credibility to your playing, even if from a purely visual point of view. One of the archetypes of the Taylor guitars, it gets you where you want to be with ease. If you want to hear how the bracing helps accentuate the bass end in a way that enhances your tone, check out this video demo. Laminated wood may cause it to age poorly, although not immensely. The above detailed Taylor 214CE review is especially useful because it compares this guitar to a somewhat similar Taylor instrument. It places a slight emphasis on midrange frequencies, but its versatility makes it a good fit for most styles of music. The Taylor 214ce is available in natural, black and sunburst finishes. We've gathered a few reviews from around the web to help you decide whether this guitar is the right one for you. However, if you're like many players, Taylor's flagship acoustic guitar models may be too expensive. July 25, 2018 at 11:08 … Click here to check out the Taylor 214CE today! These are some of the most critical features of the 214CE. The lows are impeccable when either fingerpicked or flat-picked, highs, despite being acceptably bright and satisfyingly well-defined, lack a bit in harmonic complexity, even though only the most skilled of pros could notice it. This dreadnought is made with a solid Sitka wood top and Sapele back and sides. Check out the chart below for more details. , this company has quickly risen to the top of the ranks of acoustic guitar manufacturers. Though Taylor Guitars only came to be in 1974, this company has quickly risen to the top of the ranks of acoustic guitar manufacturers. Taylor guitars are like the BMWs of the guitar world. People like it, and for a good reason. This Grand Auditorium electro acoustic is made with a solid piece of Sitka Spruce for the soundboard and layered Koa for the body.

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