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Various diseases related to lungs health can be cured by consuming boiled or steamed water of bird nest. The bird nest can also function as an agent of natural anti-oxide which overcoming the free radical attack from around us. You may drink the boiled bird nest or sweep along the skin as a mask. Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year. Bird Nest Nutrient and Why Is It Consumed. Some of the sicknesses are cough, TBC, asthma, and swallowing disorder. Do not boil the bird nest in more than 100 centigrade temperature because it may corrupt the natural compound of bird nest. Tailored safari specialists. Consuming bird nest as the regulation will boost its benefit. China is the pioneer country which firstly consume bird nest. And wouldn’t that be a pity? Bird nest can also be used to maintain the skin health and solve multiple skin problems such as aging and wrinkle. Most notably, there is one extreme association that is currently being studied at Tswalu Kalahari and that is the association between sociable weavers and pygmy falcons – particularly since the falcons have been found to frequently prey on weaver chicks. Do regularly for maximum result. Swallow, of which the producer of bird nest, mostly found out in China, India, North America, Europe, and some parts of Est South Asia. Or I should say, it was dangling from the tree until today, when it disappeared, like all its predecessors this year. If you are often suffering from cough, either dry or phlegm, you can start considering drinking bird nest herb as the most powerful yet useful method to cure cough. Blood vein failure may be caused by bad eating style such as consuming too much fat. Est. They nest in colonies as small as 10 individuals and up to 400-500 birds. Do regularly for maximum result. The swallows’ saliva forms like net which contains saliva lamina and it is produced by saliva gland behind the lower tongue. It also has a very useful nutrient of cell division inducing hormone and epidermal growth factor which influence the differentiation and regeneration of the cells. This has always been a mystery to me – did they fall off during a storm, but then why wasn’t there a nest on the ground? General EnquiriesAdvertisingEditorsTravel with usCEO. You can drink the bird nest with additional sugar or honey or simply steam your face on the warm smoky boiled bird nest to open the breath organs. The bird tail has a unique character with short size and end elongated like a scissor. Kudu and impala use the weaver nests for shade, while baboons and slender mongoose use them as sites for foraging. However, avoid to not buy the false bird nest which can be closely alike with the original bird nest. There is a fine balance here – it seems the sociable weaver will tolerate a certain amount of predation by the pygmy falcon but if a pair takes too many of their … 9 Scientific Health Benefits of Bird Nest, Pass quality checked by advisor, read our quality control guidelance for more info, Health Benefits of Celery for Weight Loss, Benefits of Chewing Gums for Mouth Health, Benefits of Aromatherapy for Cancer Patients, Health Benefits of Cream of Mushroom Soup (#1 Healthy Diet Solution), 5 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Eating Organic, 18 Health Benefits of Loaf Bread (No.4 Insane), 21 Top Health Benefits of Bone Marrow (#1 Collagen Source), 11 Health Benefits of Eating Jello (No. Mutualism is when two species sharing the same environment both benefit from their interactions. The Kalahari is characterised by hot summer days and cold winter nights, a harsh environment for small birds. Individual nest chambers within the colonies provide a remarkably buffered environment, largely free of temperature extremes. It’s only when they are secure and older, do they move out and start having babies. Disclaimer | Term of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact. In order to get the maximum benefit of bird nest, you are advised to drink it once in a week; meanwhile, if your purpose is to recover after sickness, you can consume it every morning. However, only the bird nest built in the caves and on the buildings can be used as the herb mixed. Consuming or applying on to the skin will give the same effect tough. It did when the Yuan dynasty time back then who took the bird nests from Borneo and brought it to their country to be processed into bird nest. The twigs and grass collected to build these nests combine to give strangely recognisable personalities to the otherwise inanimate poles. For the first two years of their life, young sociable weaver birds do all the house chores like bringing food and twigs; building and cleaning the nest and caring for the babies. Since decades ago in China, pregnant mother has been strongly recommended to consume bird nest regularly. We're the Africa Geographic editorial team – a diverse set of writers, editors, designers and social media natives, all united by our passion for this addictive continent. They build the wild nest on the top of the tress, caves and buildings. The bird nest has small size of 11 cm with only 16 grams weight. Even the wild cats such as leopard and cheetah take advantage of the nests by taking refuge in and use as a platform to gain a good vantage point from which to view the landscape. When it goes mature, they can have up to 18 cm height and 32 grams of weight. Dillon, from Cape Town, explains: "In the vast barren landscapes of the southern Kalahari, sociable weaver birds assume ownership of the telephone poles that cut across their habitat. However, researchers are not convinced these interactions are all negative from the weaver’s perspective. You may drink the boiled bird nest or sweep along the skin as a mask. Surprisingly, the bird nest may also cure and prevent hiccup when you have the disorder. Consuming bird nest continuously will impact such great result for the skin moisture due to its multiple compounds of minerals and vitamins which support the regenerate of dead skin cells. The multiple minerals inside the bird nest will help the increase of appetite. Be inspired & stay informed about Africa. Unlike other weavers who build their nests in the breeding season, sociable weavers use and maintain the nests throughout the year. Specifically for the women, bird nest will stimulate the skin face to regularly regenerate and rejuvenate so that the skin will look much healthier, fresher, and more moisture. If you don’t like the original taste of the bird nest, you may add honey or natural sugar. Simply drink the boiled or steamed water of bird nest when the sickness comes. Click here to receive our stories and photo galleries via email. The exact nature of the interaction between the pygmy falcons and sociable weavers is currently under study. Here are several health benefits of bird nest which you need to know. 11 is surprising), Let’s Get to Know the Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Skin, Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Citrus Fruit for Immune System, 5 Wondrous Health Benefits of Ginger Tea with Honey, Marvelous Health Benefits of Lemongrass Oil, 4 Amazing Hidden Benefits of Okra for Baby, One of the powerful herbs to neutralize the poisons over the body, Source of food nutrient to maintain the skin health, One of the best medicines to help the new cells growth which are more active in the body, Balance the energy and increase the immunity. When and where to go in Africa, and with whom. Drink the bird nest regularly as needed and every consumption should be not more than 1 cup of glass. Since the very first time it was utilized as herb medicine, the knowledge of health benefits of bird nest keep spreading out over the globe. The free radicals which attack the body can trigger the cells destruction, cancer, and early aging particularly if you don’t maintain the skin health as early as possible. Reply the soak for about 12 hours and let the bird nest inflates. "Their burgeoning nests are at once inertly statuesque and teeming with life. Cleanse the bird nest under the flowing water while cut it into slices. A sociable weaver bird brings a twig to add to the family nest. The function of each mineral is very important for the body to form the natural immune system and able to against the disease. Even, by consuming bird nest regularly will contribute significant impact for the baby. Rhino poaching update – we look behind the numbers, CEO note: Reality check + another ‘problem’ elephant killed, Jens Cullmann, 2020 Photographer of the Year – gallery two, Forest elephants going hungry as climate change stops trees from fruiting. Do not ever consume bird nest which has already turned into yellow or black since it indicated the poisoning mushroom. The large, thatched ‘lodges’ constructed by the weavers have other benefits, too. The bird has black and gray varied of feathers with specific voice tone. Choose the bird nest which has clean white color, then soak it into water for about 2 hours, then let it cold for the next 4 hours. Specifically for the women, bird nest will stimulate the skin face to regularly regenerate and rejuvenate so that the skin will look much healthier, fresher, and more moisture. They do get some help with the predators – but at a price. These community nests are regarded as ecologically important for providing shelter and shade for not only the weavers, but to a large diversity of birds and other fauna. The pygmy falcon (above) will use the nest of the sociable weaver to bring up its own chicks.

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